Player names not showing up

I’m seeing this in freeroam a lot, but my latest ranked lobby was just hilarious. Out of the 12 players in there only me and 1 of my opponents had a name. During the some (not all) of the races club tags would show up for a few players, but no names. The tags would also disappear after the race again.
I’d post a screenshot but I can’t be bothered to upload it somewhere else so I can link it here.

It’s not really an issue because, let’s face it, most players couldn’t care less who they’re working with during Forzathon but in ranked you occasionally see familiar names, so while still not really an issue it’d be neat to have that fixed.
Then again, considering the ranked queue not working for groups still isn’t even on the “Known Issues” list, and that being fixed is kind of essential, take your time with this one and get ranked sorted out first.