Place Your Vettes event glitches out Tunes!

I’m not sure if this would be more appropriate here or the tuner’s lounge. I’m posting it here because I believe it will be seen by more people and even those who are not into tuning as those of us that occupy the tuner’s lounge can benefit.

Here’s the set-up. I’m in a car that I’ve spent time building and tuning. Last night I was in the process of finishing the build. I did have the file saved but it was not the latest version. Shouldn’t matter, the tune is still saved to the car.

Today I get on and notice, “Oh look, new Monthly Rivals. Oh yay, a Corvette Z06 event, this ought to be fun.” Of course, this rivals event requires you to drive a stock Corvette Z06 from the new DLC pack. You don’t get to pick your car because the event is restricted and it forces you to use the stock vehicle. that shouldn’t be a problem.

Running this event did become a problem because once I was finished and dropped back into the game in the car was in (not a stock Z06) I noticed all the tuning options were locked even though my upgrades were on. I returned to a festival hub to check the car out and was pretty surprised when I realized all the upgrade parts were present but the entire tune had been reset to default.

Just to test things out a little, I changed some of the sliders to the outermost extremes, saved, and left the garage. I then went to attempt the same monthly rival event just to see what would happen. I entered the event and quit race, I did not even bother running it. Upon returning to SOLO free roam and checking my car lo and behold all tuning options were locked, I was forced to visit the hub to allow tuning, and the tune was reset to default. Turn 10 - oops, you done goofed.

I don’t recall this happening with other monthly rivals events that required you to race in a stock vehicle. I successfully did those events with no negative side effects to the car I happened to be in, if that vehicle was not precisely the one I happened to be occupying at the time I selected the rivals event.

As this seems to be only the Place your Vettes rivals event doing this, I doubt Turn 10 will address the issue, but be warned. Doing the event will screw up the tune on whatever car you are in when you select the event so to be safe, make sure you’re in a car with no tune.

EDIT: Of note, to force the game to make any aero upgrades reappear and to unlock the tuning sliders you must either go to the garage, select custom upgrades, and actually select an upgrade option or pause, go to Tune Car and reload a tune. You don’t have to make changes but you do have to go into one of the sections where you can actually purchase upgrades. Once you do this, you will see your aero reappear and the tuning sliders will again be unlocked.
You can avoid all this by being in a stock vehicle when selecting the rivals event.

the game did it to… my S2 Z06!
Yeah, what I had to do was go and reselect every single upgrade. Side note: the section where it tells you your 0-100, braking distance etc. was showing the tuned figures, but there were some pretty obvious clues the car was stock… (like 8 gears instead of six and no rear wing)

Can’t say you weren’t warned.

:slight_smile: I hadn’t tuned it yet though…

Strange. I had issues only with the tune itself when testing this out afterwards. I never had any issues with the actual upgrade parts but this may be due to the fact that you were actually in the Z0 and I was not.