Pinch brake

Now the problem is when you are racing a lightly modified 4x4 car. This time evo 3
Now well say a right hander.
Even if you are trail braking or not the car will then locks the inside rear brake ( pinch brake )
(Cool effect but needs work)
But what’s been happening is when the pinch occurs it does some thing very strange.
It locks the inside right rear brake, the rear starts to drift out and the engine rev to red line
(which hurts the engine) and you have no forward drive for a second like the clutch is in.
I don’t get it.
I race cars and when you pinch a rear brake into a corner (Front wheel drive manly ) you don’t get the feeling of the car locking the rear brakes like in forza.
In real life you hardly notice it because the inside rear wheel has very little weight on it.
Also in the game this will happen on a front wheel drive car with out the clutch kick.
Which is also strange because i set the rear sway bar to max to help turn in and it still does it.
(ops giving away tips)
many thanks Doc

Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?