Photos and Music: FH2 edition

Thought I would try to resurrect a game we used to play in the FM3-4 days. It’s pretty simple: I’ll post a link to a song. Put that song on, and then take a photo that you think fits it. You’ll then post a new song, and someone else will take a photo to that song, and so on. It’s a good thing to try if you’re struggling for inspiration. You might also find a new song thanks to someone else, so the benefits can be two-fold.

We used to have a lot of fun with this. Of course the community is less active now, but I think this could still work.

I’ll start:
Porcelain - Moby

Next song:

Destiny - Zero 7

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Excellent work. Good song choice as well

Next Song:
6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps

And if we talk about music and cars. This is a song from one of the best Miami Vice scenes ever i think personally.

Next Song :

In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

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Thanks! Nice photo and nice suggestion. Instantly brought me back to that scene

Next song:
Escaping Sao Paulo - Projections

kind of gives me a dark, hidden, detective mood.

Okay here’s a song!

Louis Vivet — Silvia

Thank you for giving me a new favorite song Lethal!

So I didn’t go with the obvious choice of a Silvia but I was listening to the song and it just fit -

New song -

Mako - Ghosts (Part II)

That turned out nicely. The photo itself looks wet. Here’s mine:

Next song:

Mozart (Radio Edit) - Mat Zo & Arty
There was a time you couldn’t go to a club without hearing this at least once. It’s too catchy
Also the video is dumb, fair warning

~~~~~ I know Trap isn’t for everyone but ~~~~~

That’s a tough one. Never really got into trap, but I did my best:

Near Light - Ólafur Arnalds

I think it fits -

Next song -

Mako - Smoke Filled Room

Nice one!

Connected - Stereo MCs

Great shot, I think it fits great to the song.

That song didn’t really give me a theme to go for but I did my best -

X VS Cheat Codes - Hold On

That fits the song well imo

El Cargo - Amon Tobin