{Photocomp} -Coming Soon- [....] (....) Hosted by: BV

Only about 48 hours left for this !!!

May as well throw my hat in the ring…

This comp closes tomorrow around noonish so in 18 hours or so.

6f72cf5c-4514-4114-a5a9-a4811aeaeb40 by Griff Riot, on Flickr

Here’s my entry:


Sorry, I missed the rule regarding no outside editing.

Mine was taken under the hotel bridge at Yas Marina.

Yas under tunnel

512 BB LM by Morc 57, on Flickr


Sorry it’s a late close but yesterday got away from me I had an unexpected busy day.

Thanks Brokenvegetable. This is the first photocomp which i have entered. Thanks so much for arranging it. Looking forward to the next one.

I have put up a 1969 Camaro FE in the auction house for 1 million. :slight_smile:

Yea so I accidently did the buyout on your car… so you now have 5.5 mill


Thanks a lot for hosting this comp! I really enjoyed finding the right spot for that Honda. I put an auction up for a 69 Camaro. Definitely looking forward to your next event!

Thanks for picking my shot! Looking forward to your next competitions.

'69 Camaro FE is up in the auction.

Bid on both of your cars!

Lol. If you stick the car back up for 4.5 mill I will buy it back from you to return the over payment :slight_smile:

Yea ok I put the car back up for 4mil

This is what happens when you just get use to buying out cars.

Just placed a bid for 4 mill back on that car again. Should have your overpayment back within the hour :wink:

Thanks Brokenvegetable, for hosting this comp and picking my entry! Looking forward to the next one.
'69 Camaro FE is up on the AH

Thanks a lot man.

Just put a ram runner fe up in the AH.

All bids have been placed so far

thanks for hosting this comp. BV it was the 1st photo i’d ever posted and the 1st i had to try an make look good…now i know the level i have to aspire to and the sort of thought that goes into it …there were some amazing photo’s - true work of arts - my congrats. to all the winners …i’m ok for credits at the moment so keep them in the pot for future comps …looking forward to the next one :slight_smile: