Photo Journal

I’ve decided to start a photo journal of me experiences in Forza Horizon 2. The journal will consist of several pages with a picture taken from the game and a caption underneath it. I plan to tell a story with all the pictures. It won’t be high literature but it should be entertaining. I currently have about 40 pages set up. It looks like it might get as large as 200 pages. This will be hosted on another website because it can’t be placed in a forum.

I will not modify the pictures in any way. The story will be neutral toward all the car manufacturers. I do have one concern. If a moderator reads this can I get the following question answered. Does Playground Games, Turn 10, or Microsoft have any objections to this? If so, what are they?

Here are a couple of pages I’ve already written. The first two pages follow one another. The third page hasn’t been worked into the story yet.

I was running a little late so I decided to take a short cut across a vineyard. Unfortunately, the farmer and the local authorities didn’t appreciate this.

Fortunately, I avoided time as a guest of the government when the local farmer said I could pay off the damages if I helped him work the field.

I was running low on gas and decided to stop at the ATM for needed funds. I then realized I hadn’t seen a gas station anywhere.