Peugeot 9x8 2022-current (Le Mans Hypercar)

It is an official Hypercar plus lemans was confirmed for the game in the last trailer


Other FM games had main WEC class stickers but not the full roster of lemans cars
I also had not saw the WEC logo, it looked more weathertech than WEC on it

I will say again, until a NON LMDh car is confirmed, i will belive there has a exclusviy clasule

I understand what you says but I see on the Blue Cadillac v-series.r that there is a HYPERCAR sticker, so I think we still can hope we can see other WEC or IMSA 2023-2024 cars

I’m agree with you, on the blue car there are the same logos of the wec cadillac car, so I think that in the game we have the chance to get both LMH (wec) and LMDh (imsa) cars. I hope this especially for peugeot, porsche and toyota…I NEED TOYOTA ahaha

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Liscence don’t mean exclusivity. Right ?

Not necessarily.

Licensing is just whether you’re allowed to use the item or not.

You can get Exclusive Licensing which means that only you can use the item in question, nobody else can have it until the Exclusive Deal you signed has ended.

That’s not too common though and is often in certain situations, like Gran Turismo for example has Exclusive Licensing to some Japanese Cars which is why you don’t see them in other games.

It happens with Race Cars sometimes as well, IndyCar for example signed an Exclusive License a while ago so that only a specific Company can put the new IndyCars in their game.

This Exclusive License for the new Le Mans Game however only seems to cover the Name of the Series itself from what’s been revealed recently.

So other games can feature the Le Mans track and it seems some of the Cars but they’re not allowed to call any Races/Events the “24 Hours of Le Mans” since that’s been trademarked as seperate thing.

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Le mans edition :

Classic edition :


We should definitely have this car for Forza Motorsport 2023 alongside other GTP/Hypercars in both IMSA and WEC, but the 9x8 is a must have for motorsport and would pair well with the Cadillac V series R for a start in having Hypercars in Forza


I’m a huge Peugeot fan (I own 3) but with the actual news around the 9x8, I think it will be better to wait until 2024 to have the new one with a rear wing.


No matter what cost it must make an appearance adding more Proto-H Flavour!


The more amassing votes for it’s addition the better!

The WEC cars are covered as well

about the IMSA Caddies are on it, the blue one seems deleted, at least i had not found it since the launch, also i saw no other game that have the post-excluvity deal cars in it, EXECPT by the game that owns the exclusive rights

there has a game that has all IMSA GTPs and eventually, Forza will get those too, but Hypercars, unless they run in IMSA, there has NO chance as far i knowz

The #02 Cadillac V-Series.R is in FM

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While that is true, I think it would be better to get it how it is right now before they change it since it has amassed a following due to its daring design, while it may not be successful in real life I think its perfect how it is without a wing plus will catch new players attention seeing a Prototype without a wing and to try it out and give players a unique option to obtain the wingless 9x8 in the new forza

We just need every new gtp in fm!!

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The peugeot doesnt run IMSA tho

I wanna make a note that if we do get the 9x8 and hopefully the other Hypercar/GTP’s, It would be best if they have a proper POV FOV for the cockpits of each one because the one for the Yellow Cadillac is too close for some odd reason. The cockpit POV’s have to be like this for example:

These 2 Caddy’s the red and blue ones are good examples of what we should have for the new Hypercar Cockpit POV’s in terms of FOV but as for the Yellow caddy, its too close and blocks some of the view imo and is an example of what should hopefully be avoided in the future if they add the other Hypercars/GTP’s

Just something I wanna clear out while we have the chance to vote


GTP, LMH, GTE,GT4, etc, every single race car should be added to the game!:smile:


I don’t think so, because this is le mans only so no proto-h.
However… this can be a nice car for the forza p1.
Note: [i think that] cars in proto-h are IMSA hyper cars (also known as LMDH) like cadillac v series r and porsche 963…