Peugeot 9x8 2022-current (Le Mans Hypercar)

Why is there the Xbox logo on Le Mans track during the race so ?

Xbox might sponsor some of the Advertisements around the track but that doesn’t mean they automatically get all the Licensing Rights to the whole series and all the cars.

They pretty much just give the ACO some cash to put up a sign with their Logo on it.

Just like buying a Billboard in a City, you don’t own anything except that Board with your logo on it.

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Are you sure that this company have the exclusivity on WEC ? I saw that GT7 have the Toyota GR010 Hybrid

That’s from 2021. This new generation of LMH/LMDh only kicks in this year due to the FIA/IMSA Merger.

If you still don’t believe me then here’s the Official Announcement from WEC

And then the Official Motorsport Games Website displaying their Licenses:

:sob: I guess your are right


This is also the company that did the LeMans Virtual 24h that was a complete and utter disaster.

I don’t think Max would appreciate us discussing a Rival Game/Company but it would be 100x better for Forza or basically anyone else to have the License instead of them.

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Apparently there is some news to this Situation.

Studio397 only managed to successfully get the License for the 24hours of Le Mans itself and the name, some of the manufacturers weren’t onboard for licensing their cars to them exclusively so something broke down there (thankfully).

Automobilista 2 has listed that they’re going to be adding the Track and some of the LMDh Cars in a future update but they didn’t list which ones.

So it seems some of the Manufacturers did sign while others didn’t which means there is potential for Motorsport to get some of them too hopefully.

Not sure of the Peugeot is one of those but there is a decent chance it is.

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Maybe Forza can negociate

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Hopefully, it would be absolutely fantastic to get them.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean we’ve already seen the WEC version in the Cadillac V Series R in a screen shot and just saying Forza has that Lego partnership. I’d suspect if we get one it’d be the grey liveried #93 car


its not a merger, its a rule union, is different, IMSA is still independent, they are just cooperation to make fair equalitan rules between the IMSA and WEC

Their licence includes WEC

And yet according to that link Reiza have managed to circumvent whatever that License entails in terms of Car Content:

“Endurance racing is the next frontier we are looking to explore with AMS2, as along with the track and some dedicated endurance features users may expect a very exciting list of new cars to come to the sim, including some 2023 LMDh Hypecars & LMPs along with a fresh batch of 2023 GT3 cars in anticipation for next year´s event.” - With Regards to their upcoming Le Mans Expansion in late 2023.

From the looks of it the WEC License isn’t all encompassing and primary consists of the Event itself and Series Naming Rights rather than the guarantee of exclusivity from the manufacturers themselves.

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its likely they did the same with Forza and will only be the IMSA cars
Notice how they never mention what cars will be on it, just that we will have some cars

Incorrect. As I had stated on Twitter when Cadillac posted pics of the cover car were are in fact getting Hypercars. The 9x8 is possible


That’s great news that we are having the 2 other Cadillacs. I hope we are getting the 9x8

What is that racetrack ?

Road America

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That’s a good new

All 3 of those are IMSA cars, even the number sticks on them are the Weathertech IMSA ones not the WEC ones

Those are exemples, it is basically the same stickers as seem on 3 cars

Until some Hypercar is oficially confirmed for some game, i wont count on anything WEC

No not at all. IMSA red number board is exclusively for GTD Pro. The blue Cadillac would have a black board if it was the IMSA variant from Daytona with the number 02. This has a WEC logo right on the board and also clearly says Hypercar and not GTP

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