Peugeot 9x8 2022-current (Le Mans Hypercar)

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Peugeot 9x8


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we definitely need this for upcoming Forza Motorsport


This is the actual racing spec of the Peugeot 9X8 | Top Gear

Here is what I found on this insane “le Mans” car :+1:


Peugeot 9X8



You dont need talk about the model if there is only a single variant of it, just press vote or talk why you want it

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we all need this one


we absolutely need it, perhaps also adding the other hypercars of the wec 2023🙂


Sadly WEC licence belong exclusivity to another company
If runs IMSA probally will run on the game but not beyond that

Very sadly, which company are you talking about?
it’s my dream to have wec cars in forza game : (

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Motorsport Games,
IMSA cars will be featured, maybe if a Hypercar decides run Daytona, if this any consolation

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I know that Porsche and Cadillac raced the 24 hours of Daytona, so maybe will be in the game.
but a lot of wec car were in the previous game (porsche, audi…)
so it’s very strange that these new cars can’t be in the new game

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What is that company ?

This one needs to be in forza motorsport 8

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Is that possible that T10 negociate with Peugeot the exclusivity on that car or at least the permission to use it on FM ?

No beacuse WEC cars have exclusivty of anothe company

You never heared of them?

Who is it ?

I thought Xbox was an official partenair of WEC

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Motorsport Games, they make rFactor 2, NASCAR Games and the upcoming Official WEC Game.

They are on wich plateform ?

rFactor 2 is PC only but the NASCAR games are on consoles and PC.