Peugeot 207 S2000 Bug Report

Hi guys,

I noticed a minor bug with the shifting animation of the “new” Peugeot 207. I say minor because I don’t find it game breaker, yet it might be immersion breaker for some. The problem is that there is no animation at all when shifting. The character never takes his/her hands off the steering wheel.

Disclaimer: Playing on PC

Thanks in advance!

Add it to the list of unfixed car problems. lol.

I don’t know where that is. Lol.

Maybe here - >

I also noticed a bug. The Peugeot sticker on the roof isn’t centered. Makes my OCD kick in hard! :smiley:

Check if the driveatar is doing the paddle-shift animation…I’ve seen that happen on other cars, the fingers do a paddle shift gesture but not a stick gesture…

Yeah I know and I did checked that but no, it doesn’t. It has no animation at all whatsoever.

The entire Cockpit Dashboard is missing from Motorsport 4

correct the volume of the sound, it is annoying to be even minimally close to it, volume too high, even at almost 100 meters continues to annoy