Periodically Game Cars Re-Balance (Perfomance/PI Index Adjustments and Buffs)

Something great of each new Forza game in the series, its upgrade and add something wasn’t in previous games.
And that’s for example developing each car to be better and “realistic” in terms of their Performance and Specs.

But you basically have to wait for the next video game to release to once again see this values improved.

So what about a way to apply changes of some of the cars if they are not accurate at all.
Or they are replaced by newer generation models. With basic future updates.

Example: Drag Races (stock values)

-The Audi RS7 2013 can be defeated by Audi RS6 2015 in Forza Horizon, but its the opposite in Forza Motorsport.
-C63 S can be defeated in a drag by BMW M4 in Forza Horizon 4, but in Forza Motorsport 7 its just the opposite.

In FM series some cars are faster and in Horizon some others are and vice versa… Like which one have to believe?

Some cars should be checked in order to see what’s their actual performances and be able to re-balance them.
Considering they are actually equally faster. And not wait till next game to see this changes being improved.


yeah… they change the car stats without telling us. I noticed that. Cars that I’ve played last week , today they stop cornering or have -50 km/h top speed. Also online pvp racing changes the cars stats too. They dont care about life improvement feature of fixes… they only get more broken content out and let us beta test it…

In Forza Horizon 4 most of the cars have better Index Points and Stats of the cars of the game, compared FH3.
(In stock performance, without upgrading or tuning anything.)
But some of them could improved without having to wait the next game to be re-balanced.

The changes you mention I don’t know what its about.

Hope there’s an official answers about this feature…

Having to wait till possible Forza Horizon 5 or Forza Motorsport 8 titles to see cars performance fixed its not anything great.

There’s still a lot of unbalance between some of the cars, like the Demon, jizz that thing its massive slow…
The AMG cars in this game sucks, they are relative slow and useless… especially the C63 S…
Many BMWs are overpowered and they are not even the competition package models…
Even Lamborghinis are quite downgraded… etc…