Performance - Poor CPU performance on i7-12700K with 3080


I am noticing very poor CPU performance in this game on my CPU. The game uses maybe 2-3 CPu threads while racing, while the other threads sit at 0%. GPU at 50-60% usage.

Has anyone found a way to fix this? Maybe it’s the E-cores on the CPU? I haven’t tried turning them off.

You seem to be running at 1440x3440
So there will be almost no load on the CPU it will be all on the GPU if you have Vsync on or some other setting and not running native resolution Uncapped FPS GPU will sit only max out at 60 to 70%

If I run at 4K with a cap of 60 FPS I use less than 50% of GPU and 10% cpu usage
Make sure DLSS is off and res is set to 100%

Hey, I have a similar setup (13700k/3080) and was getting massive stutters constantly, and like you, I noticed only a few cores were being utilized and when they hit 100%, stutter.

I tried what you suggested and disabled my E-cores in the bios and boom, stutters gone! It now utlilizes many more cores in gameplay. Must be a bug that it’s not working correctly on modern Intel chips with P/E cores? Kind of dissapointing to have to shut cores off for it to work right, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Anyway, give that a try and see if it fixes it for you!

Have you tried turning off ray tracing completely?

Narrow down what is causing the issues.

Also Digital Foundry suggests 6 physical cores with HT off, is the optimal config.

But I agree it’s very badly optimised.

But I can get Xbox X performance equivalent, at 60 fps fixed for 95 percent, using DF’s settings… And that’s with an i7 7700k and a 3080Ti.

But it only uses 4 threads. After it goes over 50 percent, it slows down.

I am looking forward to a 6 cores 15 13600k in a few weeks. But even then having to disable HT just for this will be VERY annoying.

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I’m on a RTX 3080 (10 GB) and R9 5900X, and I really got no idea what causes the terrible performance.
The Benchmark is telling me 510 average FPS for CPU-Simulation, so CPU should be fine, 5,64/9,83 GB VRAM used, so that should be fine, yet I get a whopping 0,0% for 100%-GPU utilization, usually it’s sitting at like 50%.

I somewhat doubt, that it’s all down to the CPU, considering what the game’s internal benchmark is showing.
This is with RT off, 1440p, medium textures, game restarted after changing settings. Might look fine FPS-wise, but doesn’t feel smooth at all.


I ended up formatting my PC and going to Windows 11, that solved the issue. I haven’t disabled E-cores after all. Could’ve been something with my Windows 10 install.

I’ll try disabling them to see if it increases performance. It still doesn’t hit 60 all the time.

My setup is a 12900 Intel i9, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070 and I’m having the same poor performance. I also play other games like ACC and I get 200fps+ with graphics on ultra. They need to fix it.

My game is also crashing frequently

Thank you all for your input. We have been working diligently to improve the performance of the game with each Update. To make sure we have the most up-to-date information on performance and crash issues you all are experiencing, we will be closing out this old thread and encourage you to open new ones so we can better triage and monitor. Thank you.