Performance loss after last update

During yesterday’s playsession, I noticed, that I having far less frames the before. I verified this from the benchmark and indeed, I had lost 6 frames (100 instead of 106) from the max frames, and 4 (68 instead of 72) from the minimum. This was clearly noticable during gaming last night. I can also provide screenshots from both benchmarks.

I have checked and verified other games and benchmarks, there is no difference here.
Reinstalled drivers completely.
It clearly is a Forza Horizon 5 issue. The game looks good though, propably even better then before.
Did they change anything with the quality / performance here?

I’m using a AMD RX 6700XT, Ryzen 5 5600X, 32GB of Ram and I’m on Windows 10. Using exteme preset and gaming on 3440x1440 with 100Hz. No changes to the system whatsoever over the last months.

Looking forward to your help.

If you’ve also ruled out overlays as described in the pinned message above, follow the README steps to submit a ticket so your issue can be logged and investigated.

Rule Nr.1 in FH5: Stay away from Extreme Settings. They are broken and cause countless issues. You’re welcome.

I play extreme_all with vsynch 60fps / ssao off / raytracing off / resolution scaling off
Nvidia 3070 driver settings all default
and have stable 60FPS @ GPU ~50% to ~60% all the time with no crashes so far…

I noticed the frame loss as well. The problem is that, at least for me, the game still looks like poo.
The LODs still look like a giant t*rd as well as the draw distance. The frame pacing issues from guanajuato are back for me as well. Each time they add new festive props to free roam I get major hiccups while cruising around the town. And even on Mulege, although not as severe. Overall this game has been a massive disappointment for me since I got it on November 5th. I’ll never ever spend 100 bucks on a Forza Horizon title ever again, that’s for sure. Nor will I pre-order.

Forza Horizon 4 always ran so beautifully for me, even on my old GTX 1060. Not to mention it always looked gorgeous at 1080p. I’m afraid I can’t say the same about FH5.

I’m guessing the hiccups are caused by the CPU because it tends to hold back my GPU in certain games and I plan to upgrade to a 5900x in a near future but still, it should be more than enough to run this game at 1440p with unlocked framerate on a G-SYNC Compatible monitor.

  • RTX 3070 (Stock)
  • Ryzen 5 3600 (PBO) Watercooled
  • 16GB DDR4 3600Mhz
  • Gigabyte M27Q

*Using Xbox Series X equivalent settings at 1440p and barely using 6gb of VRAM.

Edit: I was wrong. After the latest update it now uses around 7Gb of VRAM. LMAO!!

both Environmental Geometry Quality & Environmental Texture Quality
to extreme makes the lod a bit better

did you tried vsynch to 60 fps?

I used to play at max settings (literally maxed out, not Extreme profile) before and it looked the same. I had to lower the Environmental texture quality due to excessive VRAM usage. Because although 8GB makes no sense for a card as powerful as the RTX 3070 PGG really did not bother optimizing their game when it comes to textures. They look good but not to the point of it actually using as much VRAM as it does. The game is a VRAM hog as it is. I’ve tried locking at 60fps before as well but, not only it looks weird on a 170hz monitor as I also need to lock my refresh rate to 60hz for it to properly vsync at 60fps. It got rid of 90% of the hiccups as far as I remember but the game looks a bit choppy at 60fps on this monitor (almost like 30fps on 60hz). The addition of props is the culprit for the frame pacing issues, I believe. Everytime they add props the game starts performing erratically in towns for me and also microstuttering randomly across the map.

ah ok. I configured my monitor down to 120hz to have less problems with 60hz because many of my old games have a half-vsynch setting. With a 170hz monitor I would try vsynch on 85hz.

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while and the answers kind of vary. But yesterday and last week I was experiencing this issue with getting only 2 fps when my specs are beyond the requirements. Then I played around with the settings and if you’re running with intel/GeForce go to the control panel of nvidia or intel graphics control panel and adjust your Hz to 60. And ever since I changed that from 120Hz I haven’t been having any issues since. Hopefully this helps some. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

While we keep investigating these performance degradations, we need some additional information via tickets through the Support website.

Specifically, we need:

  • your Gamertag

  • your GPU Trace (I know this requires some time, you can find a guide at NVIDIA)

Opening a ticket is vital as that’s the best way we have to gather more specific information coming from your PC configuration, case by case. This will speed up the investigation process.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done it already, disabling Third-Party Overlays might help improve game performance (although we’re aware it hasn’t worked for some users, it’s still worth mentioning).

Thank you all for your help!

Ive pretty much done everything i can to try and stop the issue. 2 hours into playing Horizon 5 starts to experience 10-30fps stutters and GPU usage sees roughly the same % wise so i average 80-98% Utilization on my 2080TI and when the stutters occur it goes from 90% down to as low as 58% then back up i average 80-115fps playing at 4k High but stutters see a drop from 100fps to 60fps and back up. ive got more then 500 hours in the game and ive had to restart it every 2 hours. you can count for yourself how many times ive had to restart the game just to fix it. i dont have this issue with other games ive played, it only happens on Horizon 5, ive even made a reddit post explaining my issue and it seems people also have the same problem and others dont so im not entirely sure what is going on but it appears to be a VRAM Leak that effects SOME people and its quite aggressive. anyways, any suggestions or idea’s would be appreciated specs are below.

Mobo: Asus Z-390p
RAM 64GB @ 3000mhz
GPU: 2080TI OC +180 core +1300 memory limited to 200w for optimization
CPU I7 9700k @ 5Ghz

I hate making posts like these because its different pc to pc and some clearly don’t have the issue and some do.

I have a simular issue but with system memory after a hour or 2 of gameplay. I start getting frametime dips and spikes. Cpu does the same, Ive checked everything i can think of. The only thing that helps my situation but isnt a fix is clearing the standby system cache and directx shader cache, setting the games priority to high or realtime and closing un-needed processes. I don’t think this will help your situation, but maybe look into the shader cache? Or possibly close any overlays like the gamebar, steam, geforce experience ect. They can cause memory leaks and bad performance as well.

@lssei_Gremory I’ve merged your post from Suggestions to this existing thread about VRAM loss. Please see my post from June 1 requesting GPU Trace info. We understand providing this info is tedious but it’s important to get these details from as many affected players as possible in order to reproduce the issue and further address it.

I lose my performance only when I play Online. Try playing solo, if that doesn’t help either, then uninstall Nvidia experience.