Two issues are being confused. There should be no requirement for a slower car to make way for the car behind unless being lapped.

There is a requirement for ALL drivers to follow racing rules and etiquette.

The penalty system fails to address either scenario but instead dishes out penalties on an apparent whim. It’s entirely possible to drive like an idiot and attract no penalties but put a wheel over a curb for any reason and you’re getting stuffed for a couple of seconds.

This game will always suffer in MP. It’s on GP for goodness sake. It was better in the days when you could go looking for a decent lobby rather than being shoehorned into one of half a dozen available events with this utter garbage penalty system trying to make up for the fact that you have no choices in the game. I’m finding the game tedious. How on earth can a racing game be tedious - that’s quite an achievement in itself.

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As I have already written to you, the problem is the politeness of the drivers who, in order to keep their position, throw you out.

Defending position means making trajectories (not slaloms) that prevent your opponent from passing (covering the inside of the corner for example).

On the track, on the other hand, you see all sorts of things, like someone who doesn’t follow a trajectory to prevent you from passing (by doing a slalom) or as soon as you’re on the inside and you’ve already passed him, he squeezes you as if there was no one there and sends you off the track. Or after overtaking him at the next turn he does not brake and tries to ram you.

This is the point. If you try to drive clean (and even those who drive clean can make mistakes, extending a braking line and ending up slightly off the track) you take more penalties than those who always play dirty.

The absurd thing is that if you drive cleanly, realise you’ve gone long and let off the throttle for a few seconds to avoid not taking a penalty the game still gives it to you.

Since Update 7, the penalties for track excursion have increased dramatically, even for slight errors, equal to those who deliberately cut the track.


I totally agree that the cleaner you are, the more they penalize you, I’m tired of being penalized because a car loses control and crashes into me and on top of that I’m the one penalized, and of those who do slalom it’s better not even talk later

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I just finished an S Class Featured Multiplayer race where I, having been as careful to not hit another car as possible and succeeding for two laps around Watkins Glen, got a 4 second penalty when another car lost control on the grass and spun into the side of my car at the apex of a corner. Largest penalty time in the entire race and dropped my safety rating from S to A.

This game is a rigged grind where maintaining a rating is near impossible due to their craptastic matchmaking system. I bet not even half of the players I’m against in an average lobby are NEAR S/4950.


I had the same situation, the same penalty and the same class demotion heheheheh

I noticed in my recent races how even off track penalties are almost no real penalty.
And Ive seen so many people going off track and coasting while the shortcut they take makes up so much time they come out ahead. Zero penalty because they were off throttle and rejoining so far ahead of you. I am not saying they all did it on purpose but the amount of corners and sections Ive seen with people making up time, at least give them something. 0.2, 0.4, 1 second?

In my last race at Barcelona the leading car pulled into me at the first corner, he went wide afterwards blasting through a huge section of tarmac avoiding the next two corners all together. He got 2.5 seconds penalty but was never seen again the entire race, since he had no traffic from that point on.
Meanwhile I had to recover from the impact and survive the chaos you get during the first corners of the first lap.

It is way too easy (shortcut or taking out opponents) to take a penalty on the chin and benefit greatly from it. Not to mention if the system fails anyway and people get out clean from their dirty tactics.

80% of the time penalties don’t seem fair, I let off gas and tap brake in the first few corners,

I do like to start without qualifying and work my way up the grid. however i get squished or pushed off etc,

and no matter if i let off gas and tap brake, gingerly nurse the gas to go for openings i still get contact penalties, i cant seem to time it right, these are gentle bumps, yet i get penalty but the other two cars in this case do not,

seems whoever is behind gets the blame, even if they brake way early unexpectedly, or swerve into a corner as long is they are slightly ahead I would get the penalty

and once i get these penalties that seem unfair/unjust,
i usually dashboard it and go do something else.

Agreed the system is so flawed it makes me not to want to play the game. It’s sad because ive been playing since forza 1. I can say more about the penalties but it would just be reiterating what others are saying.