Penalize Players for Quitting Online

I’ve noticed more often that during races, people leave the race once they know they can’t make up spots and they ultimately give up. There should be a penalty system in place for players who quit an “X” amount of times within “X” minutes or hours.
What this can potentially do is cause more of an incentive to win or even finish in general. Combining this with payout rewards for higher placements, lowering the reward currency % in general from first to last, and we have a system that promotes gameplay consistency, and not rage quitting.

Now, the problem here is trolling in races. With this system, trolls can exploit this and have an even greater reason to stay in races and make as many rage as possible. But with an effective report and moderation system, I don’t find this to be an issue more than it already is.

The point is to encourage larger lobby sizes to remain consistent, and the payouts to rely on finishing more than players focusing on “winning” as the only goal in the game. Sure, it’s the point. But the way Halo did it back in the day caused players to earn their ranks, by staying in and racking up points. This system should be applied for all multi-player gamemodes, and then we would theoretically see much fewer people quitting out.
From what I remember, I believe it was 5 matches quit per hour caused a 3 hour penalty for rejoining. It was somewhat lenient at first, and even gave players warnings for how many times left they have to quit.

Penalising someone for quitting… you’ve gotta be joking… smh

This is a suggestions hub. Stating reasons why you oppose ideas give insight for the developers to review. If you don’t like this idea, stating why might actually help the community instead of being only personal opinion. And the penalty would only be in place given the example above. Hopefully people actually read and use logic for their criticism.

What about network issues? Unfair to call them quitters when a router craps the bed or ISP has problems.

Had to take an important call yesterday mid custom online race and dropped the controller then quit the game, should I be penalised!

A couple of races later my controller batteries died and quit the game, should I be penalised!

Sure it’s frustrating when you are miles ahead and think how bloody good am I and everyone leaves cause you’re driving a meta ride over & over & over…

So you want players to stay and if something comes up in IRL and they need to go they shouldn’t be able to return for hours after they leave, that’s really gunna get the lobbies full ain’t it :crazy_face:

But hey if everyone left the round you still get your points so what’s the issue?

This could be a good idea since you get 5000xp for 1st, maybe 2000xp for 2nd & 500xp for 3rd cause it’s kinda pointless not awarding 2nd & 3rd

Considering most players will never achieve prestige 10 Lvl 2999 unless they play 24/7 for a couple of years, I can rank up much quicker just playing one of my event lab tracks for 15min, I’ll rank up 3 times using the BMWX5FE compared to the 1 rank for the same amount of time in a custom online race, add the loading times and I could rank up 4x as fast racing by myself.

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Developers have ways to differentiate when a player quits the session and when they lag out from the session. It’s a simple coding structure that detects when a player uses a sequence of buttons to leave instead of a “force-leave”. And the same coding can be applied here.

As for circumstantial quitting, such as emergencies etc, giving a tick of 5 quits per hour is a pretty lenient scale to enable people to quit sometimes without penalty. Most people do not sit down for more than two hours at a time anyways. But enforcing some eventual penalty would help keep people honest about their accomplishments and keep the lobbies more active consistently.

I just don’t think the issue of players quitting early is that bad enough that it merits penalties. The most significant time people quitting early is damaging is during Tour because there’s no chance of the lobby being replenished. It hurts the playground mode as well I think.

Are there really people serially quitting just to be a nuisance? I just don’t know if that’s really a big enough thing that it justifies installing awhole new system of penalties.