[PC] Trouble to DL the game ( not the demo )

Hello , i have receipt the mail about the pre-downloading is up today at 16h00 .
But , i can’t download it …
With my connction it will ~60hours for100Go so … if i can DL now …

Can you help me ?

My W10 version is 15063 , Windows Update say i have the lastest version , but in Windows Store , the latest patch of Windows Store do an error at 484ko when Downloading …

Is this the source of the problem that prevents downloading Forza?

I had the same problem with the store not updating itself yesterday and I saw some people aswell with this problem.
It resolved itself today so I guess you just have to wait.
To preloading Forza 7 I didnt get an email that it was ready for preload and the Forza 7 placeholder on my pc is only 6mb big.
I dont think the preload started yet and you got the email to soon?

The preload did not start yet.

To fix the error with the store do following:

Look if the folder “AUInstallAgent” is missing from the windows folder. If it is, you will need to create a new folder, rename it as “AUInstallAgent” and reboot your pc.