[PC] Sand Storm Sound Is To Loud!

the sand storm sound is just to much and its already annoying in just a few hours of game play
i can barely hear any other sound due to the wind sound being so loud

please give us an option to turn this 1 sound up, down or off.

i am playing on Win11 ~ this OS itself is a bit louder than Win10 and has some sound issues. not sure if this is the issue or not.


How is it too loud? I was in it last night and could barely even hear it on the One X.

I hate the fact that everything in game is louder then my own car, i can hear the other car in races screaming around me. But barely can hear my own engine. And i know i can adjust volume of different things in settings, but there is no option to adjust other race driver car sounds

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I don’t think thats normal. I have the same problem and I think it’s a surround sound bug that makes that the sounds are not balanced at all. The engine is at a non-existent volume while a sandstorm makes you deaf.
When I watch any videos of the game I realize that the sound is completely different. So I sent a message to the support to figure out why its doing that, because it’s very annoying…

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The Chase Cam Mic needs moving 6ft nearer to the camera. It is 6ft behind the camera picking up the cars behind you, and sound effects. So the cars behind you are louder than your own car.

The game needs a weather effects volume slider, so that everyone can adjust it to their liking. Currently, whenever there is a Darude sandstorm or a tropical storm, I can only hear storm sounds and my Spotify on the background.

It’s another one of those tens and tens little things that somehow made it through Q&A phase (if there even was such phase) and over time gets more and more annoying to the end user, the player.