[PC]Logitech G27 with TH8A Shifter constant issue

I’ve been on wits end with my set up that worked since the beginning of launch date. I play on the PC with my Logitech g27 wheel setup including the th8a shifter from thrustmaster. About a few weeks ago there was a new update that screwed up my setup where the FFB disappeared but my custom profile still worked. I’ve troubleshooted with Nitro and was left with no answer after he asked me what firmware i was using. Just a week ago i’ve tried to trouble shoot the issue again but now i’m met with a new issue where when i set up the custom profile the car literally just revs on any input i do. (including steering). I went from having no FFB to nothing working at all. I know my set up works considering it runs flawlessly on Assetto Corsa. My only way to physically play Forza horizon 4 now is for me to us a third party program Emu Wheel. I’ve been a supporter of Forza horizon since the first release and after paying the premium for the ultimate edition for FH4 i’m feeling really jaded by the lack of support.