PC Hotfix 3rd August 2020

Just a heads-up for PC players (it doesn’t mention console, so I’m guessing it’s just PC)

Not exactly brimming with detail, but hopefully might help a few people out who’ve been suffering.

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Anyone know more details about what the PC update (1.429.729.2) from 8/3 (or 7/6 for that matter) fixed on back end? Are you also seeing an “HV” after version number when starting?

I’d guess this fixed whatever was wrong that meant people had to manually set the Teredo server.


I don’t currently play on PC due to buying an Xbox to get around the issues…but, does the Hotfix need downloading or is it just sorted when you start the game? Not used to their hotfixes so not sure how it works as nothing shows in MS Store so i assume it’s just fixed woithout any updating required?

It should update automatically (it uses the MS Store but it doesn’t need you to manually open it, although sometimes doing that can speed up things in my experience). Just check the version number when you start the game to see if it’s updated or not.