Can you morons at turn 10 FIX YOUR GAME SO I CAN PLAY IT??? I paid $100 for the ulti version only to find out this poorly programmed game can’t run on my $5k computer


I would take a dive to computer manufacturer and update everything in bios, drivers, chipset and whatnot. Graphics card too, and even possible SSD drive manufacturer firmware.

Background stuff like emails, browser and network activity should not interfere with anything running.

I had this not on a gaming pc, but just in general rather chocked how much of sudden freezes entire computer playing back video and other issues like audio garbled when browsing. Syddenly as some job started in computer there were stutter in audio and such. It took about 15 months before they were gone even doing manual driver updates. Don’t rely on those things are updated with Windows updates.

I strongly suspect computer rather than game.