Paying very well for some tunes

I need to get the best tune as possible to make top 1% on Leaderboard:

A-Class Open tune

Iberian full

Sedona Club

Motegi East

Hockenheim National

Check the storefront, there’s plent on there.

Here’s the problem with storefront tunes… Even if some people don’t dumb them down, which yes, some people actually are low enough to do that so they don’t get crap for not sharing but are still fearful of people doing better than them, they don’t have the right build most of the time. Correct builds are what get the most time. I forgot who said this, but it’s accurate: “tunes get you tenths, but builds get you seconds.” I have a few of the correct builds for the tracks above, but I might have to make a few more after finals week for school.