Pause and radio does not work, how to turn off tire wear?

I can only press pause until i access the menu a few times, then it stops working entirely.
Also I can only change the radio once, skip forward, then it is stuck on the radio station until I restart the game.
And lastly, I can only race for 25 minutes until tire wear turns my 10 minute lap into a 12 minute lap and puts me in last against average skilled drivatars.

Anyone have a fix for any of these issues?

What platform are you on? I’m on xbox and don’t experience the pause or radio issues. And tire wear is always on if you have the damage turned on.

In the start menu go to Settings and then to Difficulty and change damage to Cosmetic. Alternatively, you can change the difficulty settings from a race menu. For your other issues, you might check the Technical Support forum.

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I had the Pause button issue earlier this evening on Xbox One X with wireless controller. I fixed it by unplugging the console and then starting up.

I forgot to mention I am on PC. I suppose I could try re-installing.
The damage is on cosmetic yet I still get tire wear and sometimes the car will pull to the damaged side. I think a re-install is my answer, thanks for the ideas.

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