Patch The AE86....PLEASE

i love forza 5 and the sheer immersion it offers but one thing grates on me no end…
i cant completely paint the Toyota Corolla AE86, only the top half of the body gets painted and its the same deal with decals.
i could make some pretty sick paint jobs for the car but cant because i cant cover the WHOLE CAR.
I worked on a Driftworks AE86 (the one with the LS3) on Forza 4 and i managed to do the whole paint job because i could paint the whole car but i want to do the same on Forza 5 and it peevs me off a bit.
Got a Corolla GTS - Check
Got the 6.0 V8 swap - Check
Got the tune you worked on - Check
Got the entire Driftworks paintwork? - - Nope :frowning:

Dont know if they can patch it or not, i hope they can.

This bothers me as well, I own a real one and NOTHING on the side of the car in those areas is plastic as the game would suggest. It is just painted from the factory black on bottom. It isn’t any sort of trim, I have no idea why it was modeled like that for 5 when they had it right in 4.

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DUDE!!! im officially Jealous :open_mouth:

I would kill for a AE86 its my dream car and you have one :smiley:
yea i wish they would sort it, i have some cracking designs on forza 4 but cant do them on forza 5 im glad you share the same view on it.

VERY nice car btw…did i mention im jealous??

Hahahaha thanks buddy, I quite enjoy it myself. When I don’t have a passenger that is…

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nice you got it all stripped out. they do quite well from having some weight reduction.
i had the 1989 Toyota Corolla GL (when they turned it into FWD) did some bits to the engine changed the wheels put on a new exhaust system and stripped everything from the interior including the spare wheel. went like brown stuff off a shiny shovel
getting bk on topic…do you think they may patch it?
should we sticky this or bump it every so often for the Corolla die hards?

All that will do is get this thread locked. I would suggest posting in either the Bug Report thread or the Game Features Wishlist, you have much better chance of it getting noticed there, or having a moderator edit/merge this thread into one of the two.