Past 2 days attempting multiplayer, get 'match ticket was cancelled'/'failed to find a game session'

This occurs regardless of what hopper I try to join,
I get a long pause saying ‘please wait’ with the spinning indicator, then it comes back with
‘match ticket was cancelled’ or ‘failed to find a game session’

I am running windows 10 Pro x64
xbox app network test results:
Xbox Live services: Up and running
Nat type: Moderage
server connectivity: connected
performance latency: 42 ms
packet loss: 0%

i have no issues playing multiplayer in any other game… including forza horizon 3 - any help?

i’m having the same thing happen to me idk what to do

yes I know I posted in forza 7 discussion already but just so people see it

via twitter “We will be performing #Forza7 server maintenance tomorrow (Feb. 8) beginning at 8 a.m. Pacific. We expect up to an hour of downtime during this period. Thanks for your patience!”

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It’s been well over an hour. I’m on the east coast. It’s still not letting me on

Thanks Leetorts, so you’re saying the servers are down currently?