Part of next week's XJ220 weekly challenge is based on false information

Oh dear, That is a huge misinformation! it looks like somebody at Forza staff needs to be talked to about their method of data acquisition, because the description for the Xj220 being a “rally” car is just plain WRONG and you dont even need to be invested into the Jag to know that.

I guess this is what happens when you use wikipedia as a news source, No wait i take that back. Even the most novice car enthusiast understands group b was referring to road racing :confused:
I wonder what other misinformations Forza horizon 4 contains. they’re literally putting fake news in their game…

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Yes, awd seems to be the safety net for when things get difficult in high A class, S1, S2. Not saying it’s the faster way around the track and definitely not as fun. It seems most of the high rank tuners like Don Joewon Song apply awd to everything. I see what you’re saying with rallying classic v retro. Chevelle, Nova, Charger, fine, those bones can take it’ll be like a demolition derby. SVT Cobra R’s and Vipers don’t make sense. Crown Vic is retro category but would be fun in the dirt.

Oh! Crown vic is very fun in the dirt. They use a different tune for wide gearing and flat power, focusing on NA tune. Good suspension setup and they just muscle. The PI difference in this lower end from RWD to AWD allows for a significant investment into handling and such in the A and sub classes. The advantage with AWD is far less. Still good on some tracks, but a good RWD with more into handling and power excel on everything outside of pulling out of a tight corner and start. Even then…

It really is a huge bit of fun I think many miss out on. Odd how the RWD seem more at home in the dirt than on the road compared to AWD in horizons…

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Yeah, it definitely saves a lot for investment in better areas.

it was built to pay homage to the Lemans winning group C TWR cars, it was sold as having a V12 like the racing cars. Jaguar sold all 220 cars before a single production car was completed. When the production car was unveiled and it had a v6 and the buyers cancelled their orders and sued Jaguar. t took them forever to get rid of all of them, if they even ever did. I know they used up a unch of them in the states buy using them in an IROC like series for retired racing drivers. its often confused with the XJR-15.

220 wasn’t the number of them built, it was the design top-speed (220mph, which it couldn’t reach by the way) to honour the old XK120. Jaguar planned to make up to 350 but stopped at 281 due to poor sales, and not all of them sold in the first place (some famously still in dealerships 3 years after production ended), despite 1500 pre-orders (which required a deposit too).