Pairs Drift Championship 2016 - Sign Ups Now, Delayed See Op

An Introduction

The Pairs is a competition comprising of 2v2 battles, vus given name, that competition is open to individual pairings that my not be in teams (known as Pairs Individual Championship) and a team variant where Drift teams from the Drift lounge can sign up to take on the other teams (this will be know as Pairs Teams Championship).
Pairs will consist of 2 drivers per team, the competition will be run using Pairs rules and tracks. Which will be revealed as each round progresses.
The Pairs will be made up of 5 rounds, each round will be a knockout round with the bottom 2 placed teams being knocked out at each round.

Sign Ups

Individual sign ups may sign up in one pairing of 2 drifters, anyone with out a partner can utilise the find a partner thread to assist their search. If you sign up in a team you can still compete in the individual pairs, as the two parts of the competition will be run separately. You must decide with your partner a unique name for your pairing to distinguish you from the other competitors and you will also have to choose unique driver numbers to identify each car.
Team signups: Teams may sign up to 3 pairing for there team, if you are signed up with a team you may still compete in the individual pairs, Team pairing must field there team name as their pairs name, if a team has more than one pairing (up to 3) the pairs name should consist of a number at the end (example SimplyFunky-3), each driver in a team pair must also choose an unique driver number.
Driver Numbers must be unique across the whole competition, for example if you run no. 17 in the individuals you will have to run no. 17 in the teams, that is your number.

Individual Championship Sign Up (first come first served)

Pair Name:
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2:
Driver 2 Number:

Team Sign Up (established teams only, no free agents may compete in this category) (teams may also be declined entry based on activity and experience)

DL Drift Team Name:
Pair 1
Driver 1:
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2:
Driver 2 Number:

Pair 2 (optional)
Driver 1:
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2:
Driver 2 Number:

Pair 3 (optional)
Driver 1:
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2:
Driver 2 Number:

Number Boxes

Each number box will contain a space for your pair name and number, there are two versions of the number box, the gold version is for the individual championship and a purple one for the team championship.



Each track will comprise of a 60mph (fast track) or 50mph (technical track) rolling distance.
A No overtaking zone
And 2 Sectors which will be judged.
Cars with the lowest index number will lead the opening run, then leading will be swapped alternatively until there is a winner.

Teams and Individuals

Teams List:

1: Drift Machine (DMA) | DMA Hoonigan(67) & xJustSaucy(86)
2: Conjur-D (CJD) | Hakumai CJD(171) & HKS Mr Bucket(960)
3: Clutch Kick Revolution (CKR) | xNovakaine(907) & Lipton T Bags(26)
4: Clutch Kick Revolution-2 (CKR) | BigSlim III(13) & JackSlides(87)
5: Team Achilles (ACR) | ACR SICARIO(665) & Swag Bina blap(669)
6: Drift Machine (DMA) | DMA BostonTroy(Q because that’s a number…aha) & DMA Hiro(2)

Individual Pairings List:


  • 5 Rounds
  • 12 pairings (at least)
  • each round will be a knockout comp until a final pair remain
  • Points will be awarded towards a total championship tally

1st- 25pts
2nd – 16pts
3rd – 11pts
4th – 9pts
5th – 7pts
6th – 5pts
7th – 3 pts
8th- 1 pts
9th + - 0pts

Judging in the Pairs

Battles in the Pairs will consist of 4 components, Angle, Line Speed and in some cases Overtaking.
As each track has two sectors each battle will be judged by 2 judged, that will spectator. ( one per section)
Each section will contain 2 sectors the drifters will compete 2 runs 1 lead one follow, the drifter with the highest number of sector win will win the battle.
If a the numbers of sectors are tied there will be one more run, and the judges will decide who wins from the percentage of the run they did better that the opposing driver.
If after both battles the score is 1 – 1 then each pair must nominate one drifter to go in a head to head, this will be run as a tie breaker run and the drifter who drifts the highest percentage of the track better that the opposing drifter will win.


Valid criteria – The driver that pulls most angle without compromising either driver
Invalid criteria – If a driver becomes to slow by over achieving angle whilst leading and causes the following driver to gain to much traction from loss of speed and cease to drift this will be invalid angle point – Over achieving. This will only result in extreme cases and the run will still continue, but may result in a loss for the lead driver for that section, dependant of the judges decision. Only extreme cases, where a judge would utilise this rule, most should be down to driver skill.


The drivers line should be the perfect line for that track and sector (including transition)
The perfect line should:
-Meet all clipping points within the sector correctly.
-Transition at the right place, time and speed.
-And not run of track (unless allowed by section) or compromise your angle by running to shallow.


Unless somebody is excessive slow, speed should not be a huge weighing factor for judging, but it’s a tool for the judges to use.


Valid criteria – overtake will substitute as a win if the overtaking driver does not have to move of line or compromise there line, they also must not compromise how the other driver would usually take the corner. In most cases this would be a mistake from the lead driver for this to be a judging factor.

Invalid Criteria – invalid overtakes will not result in a loss but will result in a loss of that sector which my result in an overall loss, invalid overtakes include:
• Overtakes that are taken off line such as passing around the outside of a driver.

• Overtakes that compromise some ones transition

• Overtakes that result in contact with the lead driver

Fair Play Rules:

Fair play rules are rules that the judges can use for unsporting behaviour. These are not judging criteria but the judge may decide to use these resulting in a sector loss. These rules are all at the judges discretion and views and must not be given any influence from the drivers.
• Contact between cars, if contact is made with may affect the end result of that section.
• Drivers trying to influence a judge to make a decision may be given a loss of a sector
• Drivers that do not provide enough room for a driver to transition.
• Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a loss of a drifters battle:
Drama, intent full crashing, Etc.


Cars must be RWD with a front mounted engine.

Horsepower Cap: 650
Aero: No Front race aero
Class: A & S
Tires: No Race Tire compound.
Tuning: No positive camber

DL Drift Team Name:[DMA] Drift Machine
Pair 1
Driver 1: DMA Hoonigan
Driver 1 Number: 67
Driver 2: xJustSaucy
Driver 2 Number: 86

Pair 2
Driver 1: TBD
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2: TBD
Driver 2 Number:

Thanks, just quote this again when you update

DL Drift Team Name:[CJD] Conjur-D
Pair 1
Driver 1: Hakumai CJD
Driver 1 Number: 171
Driver 2: HKS Mr Bucket
Driver 2 Number: 960

DL Drift Team Name: CKR (Clutch Kick Revolution)
Pair 1
Driver 1:xNovakaine
Driver 1 Number: 907
Driver 2: Lipton T Bags
Driver 2 Number: 26

Pair 2 (optional)
Driver 1: BigSlim III
Driver 1 Number: 13
Driver 2: JackSlides
Driver 2 Number: 87

cheers guys


Pair Name:
Driver 1 Number:
Driver 2:
Driver 2 Number:

Team Sign Up (established teams only, no free agents may compete in this category) (teams may also be declined entry based on activity and experience)

DL Drift Team Name: (Acr) team achilles
Pair 1
Driver 1: Acr sicario
Driver 1 Number: 665
Driver 2: tsz stance
Driver 2 Number: 666

Pair 2 (optional)
Driver 1: jordan dunker
Driver 1 Number: 444
Driver 2: a queer llama
Driver 2 Number: 443

Pair 3 (optional)
Driver 1: acr sicario
Driver 1 Number: 665
Driver 2: swag binna blap
Driver 2 Number: 669

And who ever signs up as pairs for me they will do the individual thing to

Ill probably get declined lol

Drift Team Name: Team Street Drift
Pair 1
Driver 1: hakanso
Driver 1 Number: 14
Driver 2: Stanced Scooby
Driver 2 Number: 17

Pair 2
Driver 1: Tba
Driver 1 Number: tba
Driver 2: tba
Driver 2 Number: tba

Pair 3
Driver 1: TBA
Driver 1 Number: TBA
Driver 2: TBA
Driver 2 Number: TBA

What are the days/times planned for this tournament?

That will be sorted at a later date, but the comp has been delayed for now, people may still sign up though

Can we get a tracks list?

The other thred isn’t working… Anyone need a partner? I don’t have one yet…


Team Sign Up (established teams only, no free agents may compete in this category) (teams may also be declined entry based on activity and experience)

DL Drift Team Name: team achilles
Pair 1
Driver 1: a queeer llama
Driver 1 Number: 765
Driver 2 Number: 769

Get well soon! I look forward to your return, cheers!