Paintroom question

Is their a way to change the lignting or a setting in the piant and design room this one light shines to bright and its vey difficult when trying to make a straight edge? THANKYOU!

I think you may be the first person to say that the paint booth on Horizon 2 is too bright. Anyway you should be able to angle your camera to change the position of the one light you’re talking about.

If not the try using matte paint and then switch back

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I haven’t said it here, but I don’t paint much. I agree. The paint booth is way too bright.

It’s not even the brightness that is the issue but the fact that you cannot control the lightning. Too often times I find a light shining down on a portion of the car produces such a large glare I cannot see what I am doing. Sure, you can turn the camera away to remove the glare, but this can make other things difficult and often times leaves you with little to no view of what you are doing.

The in-game photo mode is spectacular and I don’t see why some of it’s features could not carry over to the paint-booth. Imagine having a brightness and contrast slider in the paint booth. Not only could you get rid of glare in situations, you could also see how your designs and colors would look under various conditions in photo mode without ever leaving the paint booth.

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Looking back at every Forza I’ve painted on, the paint booth has always looked slightly different than outside. Personally I don’t find the off light glare a problem. The thing that is the problem is the lighting around the side of the cars, which other painted will agree with me on.

But the odd small patch of glare on your car really is not a problem as you can just move your camera a tiny little bit to move it out of the way & as said above just use the matte paint option, I know a bunch of people do this to combat the tiny bit of glare and then swap back to metallic after.

I believe leaving the paint booth and actually looking at your design is a necessity.

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I think this becomes a problem with the flashier paint colors…the metals mainly and some of the two tones…makes it hard for me also. No matter what angle I get at, and it’s ALWAYS THE ANGLE I NEED TO USE when applying vinyls. I feel your pain fellow racer.

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Trying to paint the hood of the car i find the hardest i think i have every thing lined up and until i drive the car i find i made many errors i tried adjusting my tv settings with no improvement also the dark shaded cars pick up that glare really bad")

Create the item as a Vinyl at first, not painting on the vehicle itself. That way you can get a grid lineup going by using the Right Stick and know it is correct.

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How does this hep line things up on the car though - say I want to line something up with a line on the car and can’t see it due to glare?

Good idea it helped a lot thankyou😄

By calculating the size first, via the grid. Even if you need to separately create a “grid” of lines for the size, you can get the correct dimensions.

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Alright. Thank you.

This really shouldn’t be a issue. It can simply be fixed by moving your camera or picking a more visible colour.

I’ve ran into glare on every car I’ve painted and managed to fix it simply by moving the camera to get a different view or changing the colour of your selected shape, then once in position change the colour back.

I always start on the grid now. Sub grouping sections of layers is a good idea as well if you need to make minor adjustments