Painting - Decals rotation reset back to 0 after ungrouping

Bug Info:
When you ungroup a decal that is rotated, the rotation will be reset back to 0 degrees
Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp
If I then group it back together, the rotation will stay at the number prior to you grouping but it would look like it is still on 0 degree.

Platform: Windows PC
Edition: Premium
Attempted fixes: Tried restarted the game and it still persists.
Content Update: It started to happen after the release of update 8

That’s not a bug. That’s a feature.

It’s the same with FH4 and FH5.

I’m having the same on Xbox Series X.

No, this does not happen in FH4 or FH5, and was not a problem before Update 8 in FM. Ungrouping in those instances did not completely mess up the vinyl.

Here’s another video showing the problem:

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Ok, that’s something different and shouldn’t happen.

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Not only does this happen when painting cars this is also prevalent with pre existing logos in livery editor. Just Load up a made logo, ungroup and watch the mess unfold be for your eyes. No problem prior to last update.

Virtually ensures you can’t adjust for designs, colour changes etc without encountering a total mess. Example below…premade perfect logo (pre update), and ungrouped disaster (post update)

Turn 10 … Do you not have any pride in your work? whoever passed this as part of the latest update should take a long hard look at themselves and wonder if game design is really what they should be doing. Collectively turn 10, you should all be ashamed of what your putting out there for gamers to play.


I’m having this exact issue over and over again now. Ungrouping some vinyls (it seems to affect some chronically, but not others) leads to all kinds of coordinate (your vinyl blows apart) and rotation errors (such as reverting to a previous rotation, choosing an arbitrary new one, or completely misreporting what its rotation is - e.g. it’s visually tilted down 3 degrees but the UI’s saying up 6 degrees, etc). It’s extremely frustrating.

They need to add some painters to their testing team.


Oh yes.

Did u cut the loading time when u access your Vinyl collection?:thinking:
Thats quick…:eyes:

Im on Series X and have to wait 5-6 minutes to get it open… same loading time by saving vinyls…

I have only like 10 or so in total, that’s probably the main reason.

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Happening to me not only after rotating the vinyl … after stretching (not scaling) the ungrouped vinyl get messed up too


Could be…


Can you please fill out a ticket so we can better track and investigate this issue?

Thank you,

When ungrouping any vinyl group it turns into a jumbled mess. I think it’s taking any rotated or skewed parts and setting them back to default or zero. Cannot modify any existing groups I’ve made.

Yup I have the same issue, any grouped layers,when ungrouped end up in a total mess and I’m unable to sort it out, basically I can’t make elaborate liveries the way I want to due to this issue,
Put a ticket for it, and they are apparently working to resolve this known issue.

Already put a ticket in and the reply was marked as “solved”

But I should rest assured that developers are looking into it…

What little faith I have in this game and this system of reporting issues is being eroded away bit by reported bit.

This issue with logos means I now have to design or paint a car in Forza 7 (that is in Motorsport) then once it’s done import it into Motorsport, hope it loads onto car perfectly (as some really don’t port over very well at all) then as long as I don’t adjust or ungroup anything I can add logos I’ve made in Motorsport. But I should NOT have to do this at all.

I’m not going to resubmit another ticket.

Are the issues in these threads report to T10? Do developers read these threads?
I really wish I could be more positive…

Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

It’s the same issue as described in various ways by users here (the thread title isn’t great - the issue is vinyl groups breaking in various ways when ungrouped) - Painting - Decals rotation reset back to 0 after ungrouping - #13 by W0LFayame