I look at some cars in the game and think i should leave it alone and not paint it its meant to look like that any others feel like that?

I also prefer to leave my vehicles in a manufacturer color, but every once in awhile I’ll repaint the wheels.

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The older cars like the California i just cant paint it for some reason i have to leave it red.

I do not share the feeling. The main reason the manufacturers select colors is to please as many people as possible. This game gives you the opportunity to “Have it Your Way”. All of the cars that I race have my Livery and my Handle.

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No dont get me wrong of course its an option iam 39 yrs old and watch shows like Mecum auction chasing classic cars and see the cars in this game and sometimes fi d it hard to pai t them thats all")

I swing in both directions.

Sometimes I can’t stand the manufacturer presentation and want a custom colour / design to really highlight the shape of the car.

Other times, a manufacturer colour is exactly what I want to see when I picture a car - for example an EB110 SS in French Racing Blue, a Ferrari Red 250 GTO - my RL car is an Extreme Blue Megane RS250 and Horizon 2 has an almost perfect representation of this colour - so I just have to have it the same colour and couldn’t dream about putting a livery on it. Well maybe I will buy duplicates and then hunt for replicas of the RB8, RB7, 8:08 and maybe even the Trophy-R.

Then there are other times when I just have to have a particular historical racing livery on a car - Martini Racing Group B Lancias for instance.

I guess it all comes down to any existing associations one might have with a particular car.

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Ahn took the words out of my mouth great example!

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Sometimes I feel like that, other times the storefront paints are no good (alot of them are awesome howver) and I just carbon fibre the bonnet and put one or 2 decals on the side (or maybe a stripe too if I feel like it lol) but thats it. The rally cars look great with their respective liveries though

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Any car I drive has to have some kind of Livery just so it will stand out, specifically a number. Sometimes it is a complete redo, others get to keep original paint. The ones that kill me are when they come with some kind of livery and all I want is to add a number but as soon as you go to add it, the original striping is removed.

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That frustrates me as well. Like the cars that have factory stripes or whatever (Viper, '69 Camaro, '69 Mustang) if you try and add anything to it it deletes the stripes.

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Depends on the car.

I don’t use manufacturer colours much, but I don’t do billion-layer masterpieces much either. I’ll usually just repaint the car in a colour/finish I like. I’m quite fond of going deep red, dark blue or burnished gold using the metalflake paint.

I do like to throw classic flame jobs on musclecars, see my thread in the fantasy paint booth to check 'em out if you like that sort of thing.