Paint requests/suggestions thread

Would anyone be willing to do some Tekken vinyls? Specifically ones of Asuka Kazama and her Swallow crest?

EDIT: Oh wow they actually censor her name on here, that’s overkill.

Hello, I am curious if anyone is willing to tackle our small media company’s logo in the paint booth. Its not an ideal logo but we would love some help, Thanks! file:///C:/Users/cjsha/Desktop/Personal/NPM/NPM.jpg

Hello, I am curious if anyone is willing to tackle our small media company’s logo in the paint booth. It’s not an ideal logo but we would love some help, Thanks!

Too many http’s in the image address.
I’m a little tied up with other stuff for now. Do post again if someone takes this on so we know if you’re still looking.
I did one above for a guy that never came back.

I apologize for all the http’s this is my first time on these forums and trying to navigate it.
I hope this one works

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could anyone replicate this livery for the lamborghini sesto elemento fe? its asuka from evangelion
tysm in advance!!

Hello everyone, I’d like to request a paint scheme for the 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA. If it’s possible, could someone paint it in the colors of the Cheat from Homestar Runner, and recreate the same character on the hood? I would highly appreciate it. If you don’t know what he looks like, here’s an example image: The Cheat Hopefully this isn’t breaking any specific rules regarding liveries.

hello guys… can someone make this livery for bmw m3 gtr 2002? i would like it as is in the first photo with just blue and white… no reds, no germany flag… i’m just uploading the other photos so it can help with the livery creation… default rim colour, blue rear wing if possible… the gt logo (as blue) and michelin logos that exist on the other pictures would be nice as well but no problem…

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Is anyone willing to do a Jessica Alba livery?

I had a couple of ideas for a “FOOD TRUCK” Paintjob. Hear me out,

I was thinking of the ford utility vans or the UNIMOG for a paintjob of a food truck. Maybe the food truck from Overcooked 2. Like if someone can recreate that.

I was also thinking about a special food truck. Somebody paint The French Chef Julia Child on one of the vans or UNIMOG and make a French chef food truck. I will download that immediately! (All the while laughing my head off)

A Taco truck would be funny as well.

I would love a Vegeta livery for the 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II, in a Blue and Yellow/Maize color scheme.

Please an thank you !! Best team to race Lamans an win back to back.

I put this together in FH4 using other peoples vinyl groups to create the octopus / kraken / tentacles but they have not been transferred into FH5.

I was pleased with how it came out but it wasn’t 100% what I wanted.

I’m hoping someone will be able to re-create this design but in a more side on direction like the images above:

Preferably I would like to have this as an unlocked design if that’s possible just so that I will be able to colour as needed if I use it on different cars?
Im happy to send in game items as “payment” if necessary.
Thanks in advance

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hey, all!

I’ve been working on making liveries for cars for each of the teams from the Hot Wheels World Race movie from the early 2000s. i got lucky with the wave rippers, because someone had already made the logo for that one, but none of the other ones have logos made in-game. i designed and created a Dune Ratz logo, myself, but my job is taking up so much of my time here around the holidays that i don’t have any left to design the other ones.

If anyone can help me get these other logos into the game, i would be very grateful!

Street Breed



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Really would like some white scallops with a red pinstriped edge for the ‘40 Ford, maybe some for the 32 Ford as well. I’ve tried creating them myself but new to Forza and after a few hours just not got anywhere! Thanks in advance if anyone does them :)null

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Would anyone be willing to recreate this Fragment X Pikachu Porsche 911 GT2 RS?


I’m wondering if someone can do a design for my favorite Pokémon Blaziken? I’m sure someone can nullBlaziken photo

Would anyone be willing to do a custom livery for the Dodge Vipers (all of em)?

My favorite car of all time is the M1 and I’ve been rolling in a 1981 here in game since basically the moment I had the credits to buy it. I would absolutely LOVE to see the full orange Jagermeister paint job, like the real world version, in game. I’m no good at doing this stuff myself so thus why I’m posting it here.