Pain in right thumb using manual with clutch on a controller. A warning and a question to all gamers

Hello everyone. I have been playing Forza 6 using a controller since Sep 11th. I have noticed a pain in the right thumb on the 17th. Its a dull and very noticeable pain. It feels like it is deep within the bone right below after a first bone when you bend your thumb. I used “A” button for clutch and “X” and “B” buttons to shift up and down. I have been gaming for over 20 years on Xboxes, Playstations, PCs, Nintendos, using different controllers, but have never experienced this kind of problem. Also, I have never driven a manual with clutch in a videogame before. I think that there is an extra pressure on the thumb because it is constantly changing gears and pressing 2 buttons, instead of 1 button.

Just think about it logically. There is a constant pressure on the thumb when you use manual with clutch. This pressure is cause by constant pressing of the same 2 buttons and it is very awkward and not natural to be pressing A and B buttons together when up shifting. The thumb is always bent when doing this.

I have not played any games for 48 hours, the pain is still there and did not decrease.

I think the solution is to get a steering wheel or drive an automatic or manual (without clutch). I tried different controller layouts and I am only comfortable with using A for clutch. I wish Turn 10 would let us custom map each and every button on the controller.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Im using the right anolog stick as my shifter. Tap down on stick to climb gears. tap up on stick to down shift. No clutch. This seems to be the most comfortable set up for me. A lot less fatigue on my fingers.

Hehe, with my arthritis, thumbs hurting is pretty much a given with any game after a few hours. I’ve got one of those sprung grip strength thingamabobs that I squeeze 20 times or so, every half hour of play, and oddly enough it helps.

Has a bonus, there isn’t a twist off lid in the world I can’t open either, lol.

yes you are correct, xbox one controller does cause pain, but its because the triggers are not flush with the case when pressed all the way down.
and since we spend alot of time with the right trigger all the way down (cause gas pedal is floored) it causes a pain in your hand over time.
i noticed this 2 years ago when the xbox one launched.
again, the pain is caused by the fact that your index finger is constantly pressing against a raised hard object (the right trigger), not by your thumb.

You could also use the new elite contoller which will give you extra button options and more mapping ability.

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Nice plug there, I see how you did that.

runs to GameStop

If you’re looking for more comfort when using manual with clutch, I’d suggest changing your button configuration to layout 4 and setting “switch clutch and handbrake” to “on”. With this setup, you use A as your clutch and Y and X to upshift and downshift. I’ve been using this configuration since forza 4 and hitting Y and A to upshift is way more comfortable than trying to hit B and A. I never had a problem hitting A and X simultaneously, but I agree with you, hitting A and B together forces you to sort of roll your thumb over into a very awkward position.

I’ve been playing videogames since the 1970s and I can tell you that playing racing games on a gamepad will catch up with you eventually. After a few cases of “trigger finger” in both the thumb and index finger, I switched to a steering wheel, and it eases the strain a bit.

It’s also a good idea to take an extended break, and see a doctor if you continue to have pain after that.

I have been playing racing games for nearly my whole life. My right index finger will be the only thing hurting after an 8 hour game session.

Right thumb for the clutch? I’m no doctor but my prognosis is you may be doing it wrong. Use L or RB, your index fingers will be sitting up there anyway, put em to work. you also have some control of clutch engagement. I use LB for clutch,LT brake,RT gas, and then shift with Y and B. I’ve been playing since Atari’s Pole Position…yep…that old. Up until FM4 I still steered with the d pad gassed with the A and B for brake. not sure why but the analog sticks gave me fits when they first came out

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Have the middle of your thumb over a press for x roll your thumb for b, no need to change your thumb position

I use the same setup. I’ve used it since they introduced m/c in FM3, can’t say it has had a negative effect on my thumb.

My RT index finger can get sore after awhile though.

Its good that we’ve got the options and its interesting to read others setups and reasons for. hope that OP finds a better way with less pain.

I use man w/cl and opted for x/b as down/up and a for clutch. My only gripe is that having the handbrake on either back button means i sometimes press it by accident mid turn which is frustrating.

My first racing game was pole position too.

The OP’s use of the buttons, is by far the most common controller configuration for manual/w clutch and from personal experience, the more you do it, the more callouses you will develop on your thumb and the less it will hurt. I’ve got some real strange lumps on my hands and fingers and on close inspection, they are all related to excessive use of the Xbox controller. These lumps develop as a natural way of protecting your digits from further damage. If it hurts, Play more :slight_smile:

I cut my steering thumb off two months ago and have had to learn how to steer using my index finger, made my original transition from auto to manual with clutch seem easy lol