Paid DLC points in rewards not working?

OK does anybody know why the FM6 paid DLC points on the rewards hub is not being counted? I have the Ultimate edition and I thought that all the included DLC would count. Everything else is working and being counted.

Because the rewards are not yet live as the game “launches” tomorrow.

I expect the count system would work properly no later than today = launching day.

But has anyone got 5/5 paid dlc update for forza horizon 1?
Mine stucks at 2/5, although i have more than 5 dlc.

Today isn’t launch day. Tomorrow is.

The game launched 4 hours ago on the east coast of Australia.
Well at EB games anyway. It may have been available for standard users at midnight not sure though as I had the Ultimate anyway.

What they said, I forgot to hit enter so i was late lol…I haven’t had mine show up either

Sorry to make you confused. but now is almost at noon 09/15 in korea.


checked the rewards hub and all paid DLC is up to date 5/5 complete!

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I bought the Ultimate edition, and no PAID DLC reward yet, been playing for at least 3 weeks.
any update from the rest you guys?

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after playing for a few weeks with the ultimate edition and vip i still have 0/5 paid dlc