Paid dlc not showing up in forza rewards

So I purchased the ultimate edition, but the forza hub shows my forza 6 progress for PAID DLC OWNED as 0/150. Please advise.

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Same here

Same here

Same here

Funny you should post that today. I’ve had the ultimate edition since day one and had no rewards just a couple days ago. I check this morning and I have 30/150. Should I have more? I assumed 150/150.

I bought the Ultimate edition, and no PAID DLC reward yet, been playing for at least 3 weeks, still showing 0/150
any update from the rest you guys?

I still have 0/150 paid dlc for forza 6 despite having the ultimate edition from day one and now the Porsche expansion pack how is this resolved?

Same here

Try adding up your totals and see if they still not included
I read months ago the actual totals are correct just the dlc amount is showing wrong
I know mine is correct even though dlc amounts show 0 sometimes but the full amount is included in totals

How do I add up my totals?

I have the same problem.

Ok, so I’ll bump this. I added mine up and my total does not show any hidden score for the Paid DLC. Hopefully adding my name here will appreciatively have it looked at. I have a similar issue with Forza Horizon 1 only showing I have 41 cars in my garage when I have over 160. I’d be grateful if those points could get fixed too!!!

I have the same problem!

I have the same problem, bought the ultimate edition of forza 6 and the porsche dlc. Still 0/150

Same. Same. Same.