Pagani Huayra 2011-2022

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Pagani Huayra 2011-2022

This topic is for voting on road-legal versions of the Huayra (BC, Imola, Tricolore, Codalunga, Lampo, and Roadsters). Vote separately for the Huayra R here.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2016 Pagani Huayra BC (FH3-FH5, FM7)
  • 2012 Pagani Huayra (FH1-FH4, FM4-FM7)


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Which body type do you prefer?

  • Coupe
  • Roadster

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Which version do you prefer?

  • Huayra base
  • Huayra BC
  • Imola
  • Tricolore
  • Codalunga
  • Lampo

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Huayra Base and also Huayra R please


Huayra base pls


It’s in the game but we just haven’t been given it. It was seen in the intro video for the 10th anniversary for FH1 and on a TikTok video from PG in free roam.


Huayra 2012


huayra Imola


Pagani Huayra (2012) BASE MODEL
-We had the BC and FE versions in game, but we should consider having the base model aswell.

This model appeared in FH3, FH3, FH4, FM7, FM6

The Huayra has a top speed of about 383 km/h (238 mph) and it has a 0-97 km/h (60 mph) acceleration time of 2.8 seconds. Using Pirelli tyres, the Pagani Huayra is capable of 1.66 g of lateral acceleration.

The Pagani Huayra uses a seven-speed sequential gearbox and a single disc clutch. The choice not to use a dual-clutch was due to the increase in weight of over 70 kg (154 lb), thus negating any advantage of the faster gear changes in a double-clutch transmission. As a result, the transmission weighs 96 kg (212 lb).

The car is equipped with Brembo brake calipers, rotors and pads. The calipers have four pistons in front and four in the rear. The rotors are drilled carbon ceramic, 380 mm (15.0 in) in diameter and 34 mm (1.3 in) thick.

The Huayra uses a 6.0 L (5,980 cc) twin-turbocharged M158 60° V12 engine developed by Mercedes-AMG specially for the Huayra, which has a power output of 740 PS (544 kW; 730 hp) at 5,800 rpm and 1,000 N⋅m (738 lbf⋅ft) of torque at 2,250-4,500 rpm. The engine has been designed at the request of Pagani to reduce turbo lag and improve response, achieved with smaller turbochargers, a different intercooler configuration and re-programmed ECU settings.

Like many high-performance cars, the Huayra uses dry sump lubrication. This has several key benefits including guaranteeing oil flow even when the car is subjected to extreme lateral acceleration, preventing “oil surge” which allows the engine to operate more efficiently while the lack of an oil pan allows mounting the engine lower, lowering the car’s center of gravity and improving handling. The fuel consumption of the Huayra is 10 mpg‑US (23.5 L/100 km; 12.0 mpg‑imp) in city and 14 mpg‑US (16.8 L/100 km; 16.8 mpg‑imp) in highway (EPA testing).

A water / oil heat exchanger reduces engine warm-up times on cold days and helps maintain a stable temperature for refrigerants and lubricants.

To minimise the use of pipes and fittings (and the overall weight of the vehicle), the expansion tank is mounted directly on the engine. Intercooler fins act as an expansion tank circuit at low temperatures.

The titanium exhaust system was designed and built by MHG-Fahrzeugtechnik. Hydroformed joints were developed to reduce back pressure and ensure a free flow exhaust. Titanium reduces the weight of the exhaust system while the Inconel silencers improve reliability in the most exposed parts of the exhaust at high temperatures. The entire system weighs less than 10 kg (22 lb)


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It has been seen in FH5 but PG haven’t released it to us yet.

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Yeah, I bet the devs are actually playing a troll. They leaked it on purpose.
I call it: “You leak it? You release it.”

Pagani Codalunga??