p1nkbr0's first gallery

Hi! This is my first Forza game (for no other reason than I’m stubborn haha). I’ve been playing non-stop since the pre-release on PC and have fallen in LOVE with the photo mode. Some background on the images: these were all taken in 1440p resolution and there’s NO post processing outside of the settings available within FH5.

I’d love to hear any and all feedback! Thank you and enjoy!



(wasn’t this an NFS cover?)


Constructive criticism is always welcome. I can’t improve without knowing what I need to improve on!

Also, please understand if I’m late replying, it’s that I’m new and everything must be approved by a moderator before it goes live. Thank you!

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The VW T1 and the Ford Pick-up shots are cool, they are typical scenes, but with a good color composition.

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thank you for the kind words and positive feedback. Constructive feedback is always welcome as well, if you have any! :slight_smile:

Great start! The only thing I would do is play around with color saturation and temperature, as the palette seems a little flat. Looking forward to more!

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I was going for a more “filmic” look about the images, but i’ll definitely play around with the saturation. I definitely agree it wasn’t the best choice for a few or so of them! Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it!