Overpriced tires

I wonder how many people have bought the 325mm front tire width (widest tire width) on the '73 Range Rover (barn find)

They cost 30k credits instead of 3k. Just a heads up until this gets fixed I guess. Or pay the 30k if you dont care.

“Stealing” implies that they are doing this deliberately, and considering that the rear tyres of the same size only cost the usual 3k, this is likely just a programming error rather than someone trying to take your money. File a support ticket instead of whinging.

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Take it with a grain of salt man, this post is just a heads up for people.

That’s not what it looked like with your original thread title…before you changed it.

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Didn’t even notice.

Hiero talked about money sinks the other day. Maybe this is one of them :smiley: