[OVEN] More Oven - Open To All

The only club you need…unless you want to set up your own of course.


Why not join the #1 club in the world?


And so did I.

There is no option but MORE OVEN.

As did I

Why would you go anywhere else?

Everyone needs MORE OVEN.

Like the signature, don’t remember Mom with a tattoo though.

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You can pick the lesser option, or choose MORE OVEN.

I think this will be the first club to reach 1000 members.

I thought I was in the market for some oven.

Turns out what I really wanted, what I really needed, what I really couldn’t live without is More Oven.

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New Club Challenge up for OVEN, read the Noticeboard.

I shall be one with the OVEN. When I can play it.

Let’s have a livery contest. Show off the OVEN. Post pics in here.

I will try and get some worked up this weekend.

Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is…MORE OVEN.

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Nothing can go wrong with MORE OVEN.

Can I join your club when I get the game please ? D; I want some of the OVEN!

Club bounty - Check. Set the 10th fastest time also. See how long that stands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will post some of my More Oven liveries this weekend. And keep gathering that XP we are still ahead of that other club that has almost twice the members but still cannot catch us in XP.


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I cant join or create a club yet!!! Why is this cause I want to join u guys. Please let me know what I can do. I’m on h2 on the Xbox one . Thanks

My guess is you are not far enough along in the career, its only a few road trips till Clubs will unlock. You will know it when it happens, then you can join us.