[OVEN] End of Year Club Challenge - OPEN TO ALL

End of Year Challenge:
Just a little friendly competition to close off the year. I started it for More Oven but anyone who is interested is more than welcome to participate. If you choose to participate, please make a post and follow the few limitations.

Place the best time you can in each of the three events. Once the event is finished, record your time and share it here. This challenge will be run based on the honor system since the leaderboards are full, and you may not beat your current time running the challenge events. When posting your time, please post the car and class you used, as well as your time.

For example: Ford Focus ST A800 - 1.23.456

Let’s see who can post the fastest time in each event, and the fastest combined time between all three events. Good luck, and as always, have fun.

Event 1: Castalletto Cliff Side Sprint - Car must be factory FWD, no Drive train conversions allowed, B700 Class limit.
Event 2: Saint-Martin Ridge Sprint - Car must be RWD, A800 Class limit.
Event 3: Storm Island - Hillside Rampage - Car must be AWD, C600 Class Limit.

Post your best times by Friday, January 2nd at 17:00 Pacific Time to this thread.

So, here’s my post to start us off.

Event 1: Lancia Fulvia Coupe Rallye B700
Time: 1:32.660

Event 2: Corvette C3 ZR-1 A800
Time: 2:13.903

Event 3: Monte Carlo SS C600
Time: 2:07.430

Total time: 5:53.993

My latest efforts.

Event 1: Lancia Fulvia - B700 ----- Time: 1.31.526 (Tune shared - tougher to drive than the Renault Clio)
Event 2: Corvette C2 - A800 ----- Time: 2.13.235 (Tune shared)
Event 3: Alfa Giulia TZ2 - C600 ----- Time: 2.03.426

Total Time: 5.48.187

2 tunes shared for the Renault Clio and 1 tune shared for the Lancia Fulvia

Event 1: Fulvia - B700 ----- Time: 1.33,327 (LB time an7d PB)
Event 2: Chevy C2 - A800 ----- Time: 2.13.435 (LB time and PB)
Event 3: Abarth 131 - C600 ----- Time: 2.05,894 (LB time and PB)

Total Time: 5.52,656

Event 1: Focus ST B699
Time: 1.37.064

Event 2: Corvette C2 A800
Time: 2.17.739

Event 3:

Event 1 Lancia Fulvia B700 (Ed’s tune) 1:37.131… I like this tune…more torque :slight_smile:

Event 2 Corvette C2 A800 (Ed’s tune) 2:21.209

Event 3 Alfa Giulia TZ2 C598 (My tune) 2:14.369

Total time 6:12.709

That’s all I can get LOL but was fun…fastest Automatic :slight_smile: happy New Years !!!

I shall update these when I wake up

Event 1: Lancia Fulvia - B700 - Time: 1:42.872
Event 2: Alfa Romeo 4C - A800 - Time: 2:23.444
Event 3: Abarth 131 - C599 - Time: 2:09.530

Total Time: 6:15.846 (think I did this right, I still need sleep.)

Great challenge!!

Beat my own time in all those tracks!

Hey guys. Great racing everyone, I hope you enjoyed the challenge.

From this thread, looks like the fastest time in the events are as follows:

Event 1: SatNiteEduardo in a Lancia Fulvia with a time of 1.31.526
Event 2: SatNiteEduardo in a Corvette C2 with a time of 2.13.235 and RT79py and Alpha Tide right on his tail.
Event 3: SatNiteeduardo in a Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 with a time of 2.03.426

Of course, everyone can continue attempting to improve their times in these vehicles for the course as you please. You all did a great job, I hope you all had fun doing this, and I hope everyone is looking forward to some fun in the year.

I’d like to wish you all the best of luck in your current or future endeavors. May you all be healthy, happy, and satisfied as you go through 2015. Maybe, on one of these events, one of us will even beat SatNiteEduardo at the deadline, even if for just a day.


Thanks for putting the challenge together PPiDrive. Great racing everyone. Hope all of you had a great holiday season and have a great year!