Oval Racing

is very do-able on FM5. It may not be a NASCAR, but it makes the same noise, and is able to turn left:

By using the lobby options to reduce power, some very enjoyable oval racing is possible.

Needless to say, I still find it incredible the option is there for stock car type, yet there is none in the game.


Great video and good draft !!! from Day 1 I’m asking for more Oval and Nascar stuff.maybe in FM6 .
inside, inside , still there , clear…


I AGREE!!! My son (15 years old) & I (36 yrs) are big NASCAR fans & race on the FM5 Oval quite a bit. Obviously it is mainly private/free play type races because I can hardly ever get lucky enough to get an oval race on multiplayer. I watched your video, gave it a like & subscribed to your YouTube channel.

On point!!! I’m the same way. Both of you can tell I’m a huge NASCAR fan just by simply searching my liveries or the gallery using my gamertag (same as my username). Hopefully FM6 brings back the stock cars & oval racing!

Anytime you all are throwing down on some FM5 oval racing…please shoot me an invite. If I’m on, I’ll def join in the competition!

Great stuff guys. I’ve been painting and tuning stock cars using the Camaro Zl1 and the Charger with the cup engine swap but I will need to try to run the V8 Supercars. I’m not able to set options tight enough to run all V8 in free play - maybe I need to tweek it some more. If you guys want to run the oval online shoot me an FR and a PM. Wish we had a few more but the video has inspired me. I think I will do some NASCAR liveries for the V8’s.


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David… I’ve seen your liveries, good stuff brother. I’m not sure if you’ve seen any of my liveries or not…my gamertag is the same as my username.

I’ll shoot you a FR…I think I already follow you as a creator.

Which track has the Oval !?