[OTLW] Outlaw Motorsports Open Club!

To start things off any of you that are reading this that may have spotted Cross Fade Motorsports clubs in the past games, this is the new one! Outlaw Motorsports is the next generation of CFM and we chose to make it happen this year with Horizon 4. Although, with that out of the way we are an open recruitment club so anybody can join as the club is open to anybody and everybody! We always have someone on and at the time of this post we have 26 members and are looking to become a well known club with over 500 members as the main goal.

We pretty much are open to anything the game has to offer along with having club meets and cruises. Once we get more established in game we will be hosting weekly car meets where we will have a unique theme each week along with different events. By events I mean we like to do Meets, Cruises, Drags, Drift, Roll Racing, & pretty much anything you can think of!

So if you are interested in joining feel free to search my gamertag or the club in game. Both names are below.

GT: TurboJunky34
Club: Outlaw Motorsports

If you feel the need I do have a Discord channel within my server for the club. Below is the invite link.


Depending on if we believe it is necessary we can also make a Facebook Group/Page in the future but for now I believe the Club Page on Xbox and Discord is good enough.

If you join today then that is awesome and I/We look forward to shredding Great Britain alongside you!

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