OSCA MT4 1948-1957

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OSCA MT4 1948-1957

OSCA stands for ‘Officine Specializzata Costruzioni Automobili’ which essentially translates to Specialist Car Construction Workshops in English.

This Company was setup in Bologna by the 3 Maserati Brothers Ernesto, Ettore and Bindo who had parted ways with Maserati after selling all their shares in 1937 due to Financial Trouble and then fulfilling a 10 year contract to stay with the company.

The company’s full name is Officine Specializzata Costruzioni Automobili - Fratelli Maserati S.p.A.

The MT4 was their first model and is believed to have been produced in a number between 72 and 80 Cars total between 1949 and 1946. The Car built around the parts of the Maserati 4CL Grand Prix Car with the name representing “Maserati Tipo 4 cilindri”.

Early MT4’s were powered by a 55hp 1.1L I4 Fiat-based Engine but this was later replaced by an in-house designed and build 1.1L I4 producing 72hp.

In 1950 this engine was upgraded with Twin-Cams and made available as a 1.1L or a 1.4L Engine, Cars using this new Twin-Cam Design were designated MT4-AD. Over the years this engine saw more development and various capacities were made available with a 1.5L being the largest.

The Car established itself quickly as a very quick and reliable car for Racing in both Endurance and Standard Rally and Circuit Affairs. Despite production of the Car ending in 1956 they were still used up until 1966 and the Cars total recorded history is one of success with wins at the Mille Miglia, LeMans, Sebring in the US and Mugello.

The Majority of the Cars were built as Barchettas but Vignale and Pietro Frua made some Berlinetta Bodies for it too.

In 1955 a 1.5L Version of the Car with Streamlined Bodywork and 125hp was constructed in a very small number and referred to as the 1500 TN or Tipo Nuova (New Model). These cars were significantly faster but we’re considered fragile due to the aging chassis which wasn’t meant for the power provided.

A Barchetta with no racing Livery

A MT4-2AD Barchetta decorated with a Livery

A 1952 MT4 LM Coupé styled by Vignale

A 1955 MT4 Coupé styled by Vignale

A 1955 MT4 1500 TN

1956 MT4 TN with Chassis Code 1176, supplied to a driver in the US with a One-Off Body

A 1950 ‘Siluro’ Open-Seater, the most rare of the variants

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