Original Forza Motorsport Driver Suit


I was just wondering about obtaining the Forza Motorsport 1 Drivers suit.
I have every other version of This game and have got the drivers suits because of this.

However, I wanted to complete this collection, so Ive managed to buy a brand new copy of the Original Forza Motorsport 1 game as its also playable on the xBox 360.

So, this is my question, or point, how am I able to have the achievement of playing the original game and obtaining the suit etc, as it seems I cant copy my game save to cloud for it to be registered Ive got and played it.

I wouldnt say Ive wasted my money as Id never played the original before and Ive found it fun to play, but it`d be great to receive the Drivers Suit.



You cannot. Its not retroactive.

To get that suit you needed to level 11 before you initially started playing fm7
You dont the suits for what games you played on the past but what tier level you were at