Option to enable/disable the snapping feature altogether

Give us an option to enable/disable the snapping feature for all props altogether. Very often what happends with the clipping points which snap the pieces together is that say i’m moving a prop but then it clips on the wrong spot. And it just becomes a bit painful moving the prop around to get it where we want because it keeps snapping someplace else.

I saw that with the latest eventlab 2.0 you’ve made the clipping points smaller so that they don’t snap on accident. Yet its still problematic. I just think this would be a better solution for the problem if its possible to be implemented.

You can toggle snapping on/off.
When placing a prop you have a button for ‘more options’ (see bottom bar), the same place where you can control your rotation steps and camera speed. The bottom option should be the toggle for snapping.
I do remember that when you toggle it off the clipping points still show, but they won’t snap anymore.

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well my bad then for not seeing it

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No worries, good luck with your eventlab creation!