Opens and Closes

Hi all,

Anyone know why Forza 7 will Open, show the logo and then close again.
No error messages or anything.

Happens alot.

I restart PC and then it works fine for a while (I am one of those guys who doesn’t like to restart his PC) but this game basically forces me to do a restart and I hate it.

I don’t have this issue with any other games.

I reckon this happens when it tries to communicate/sync with the Xbox live app because a couple of times I had the outline of a grey box from the guilty party. The only thing that ever fixed it for me was to go to settings and under Troubleshoot choose the Windows Store App at the bottom of the list and run through the prompts. It might suggest resetting the Store app so accept it and see how you go. I haven’t had the problem since first few weeks of release but copped it enough, in the beginning, to drive me up the wall.

How do you update Windows then?

Basicly you refuse to restart, which avoids all kinds of weird problems, but want T10 to fix it for you?

Been getting this frequently myself no “play” option shows in the Xbox app and the only thing that seems to work is to goto:
Start, Settings, Apps, scroll to FM7 and click on it, select advanced options (DLC’s will be shown) and reset the game. Of note is the DLC’s may reappear immediately, if so reaet over and over until they DON’T reappear.
Open the store and goto downloads and updates and you’ll see FM7 modified “minutes ago”
Next goto Library and you will see the games DLC’s listed like VIP and Car Pass there may be an arrow pointing down if so click it to DL the DLC again.
If you then click on “show all” in the GAMES section all the games DLC’s will be shown (those you own), DL any with the arrow. Wait for the win 10 notifications to end.
Restart the XBox app and click on FM7 and you should see PLAY has reappeared. If so it SHOULD launch fine…