Open Tunning/Paintjobs IMS/OhSt

Hey Guys,

I’ve recently really got into Paintwork/Decal and Tuning!
My companies IMS and OhSh are up and running and willing to take on work!

The first Month of our official Opening we will be doing a solid Discount on Tuning,
and Also Paintwork and decals, In a test I did recently I manage to sell out of my stock of ‘Police Interceptors’
Highly Tuned and carefully detailed custom Police Interceptors, Although I can make any class to your choice.


I don’t do Cartoons or Animals/Nascar sticker detail.
Everything else can be made possible.

Police decals and Street racer decals is are main skill,
This can be as extreme or discrete as you like.

Pictures of Custom cars IMS and OhSh have done will be posted later on,
Cars: Nissan GT-R Black Series (Street), Mx-5 (Drift), Ford GT500 Shelby (Police), Dodge Charger (Police),
Mclearn Mp12-4c (Police Interceptor), Subaru STI 22B/M-Evo (Police) Dodge Charger R/T (racer), Plymouth Hemi Cuda (Racer)
Plus Much More!


Now down to brass tax,
Tuning process can take up to a day after the Car has been fully modified, to check or error/Imperfections e.g Handling under stain, through corners and harsh accl and decl,

We understand what It means to make the most of your car weather its a Peugeot 206 (Hopefully not :stuck_out_tongue: ) to Dodge Charger 69’ all the way too Lamborghini etc.
all built to your preference!

Our Dodge Viper ACR10, has been tweaked to handle through corners while keeping roughly an extra 10% traction that would of been lost without the tuning step up, Also easier handling removing the snappy handling the viper had before!

IMS: Why Compromise?


Police: Police decaling is a paint/decal scheme which allows the player to be more welcome into ‘Cops and Robbers’ style games.

Street: Street decals for Drifting or for those illegal street races or just plain looking cool!

Racer: Racer being a track ready paint job, Usually slick or lairy schemes to show off or keep the professional look to any model.

you mean what by tuning exactly? swapping out parts?

just a joke har har har

it is a joke u can not tune in forza horizon