Open Lobby Racing with JSR

I know that it’s not all often that players get to mix with some of the elite racers as they stick to their own tight circles, so the JSR gang have started running open lobby events so that anyone who enjoys fast, respectable and fun racing can jump in and mix with some of the best on the game.

We are not entirely set on what will be our scheduled day/evening for each week or month, so here’s where you fine people in. Anyone interested in racing with the likes of JSR type R, JSR South, JSR Craviator, JSR Devon, JSR LeeCampbell, JOTA Commando and more?

If you are, comment below and tell us two things:
1.) Your preference for what day (we’re thinking of either Monday, Friday or Saturday)
2.) The type of cars you’d want most for everyone to race in. We mix it up all the time: Imagine the Production Cycled hoppers, but less… Messy.

Want a clue as to what it’s like racing in a JSR open lobby? Check my new video here: Terrific TCC Racing with JSR Type R, TPR Zermatt, TX3 Wesley and more in the new Audi #1 LMS at Watkins Glen

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!


JSR John

I prefer Fridays

Forza GT cars