Open Class car selection bug

When selecting a car for Class B Open Class Tour it gives you an option to purchase up to 64 cars, if you own already and select it the game(I tried ALL of my pre-owned(2019 Subaru STI, 1992 Celica GT, 2004 Audi S4, 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth, 2009 Ford Focus, 1970 Dodge Challenger r/t, 2020 Toyota GR Supra… ETC…) then moves to a screen that only gives 7 options and you must buy a new car to progress… WHY?

Note ALL of those cars mentioned and more are under P1 600 and B Class.

I would assume there is a restriction set that is not readable or just an out right bug.

Seems to be a bug, I’m on that tour right now and I could select all my cars that are currently on a B class setup.

Update: while it worked on B Class, in A and S Class I could not use all of the cars of this class I own…

Some are there, many are missing.

Yeah, I had this issue with Class C, as well. I was initially shown 53 eligible cars, but almost none of them were in the preview video, like the Ferrari Dino. So, I selected a Subaru BRZ, which I own, and then it took me to a selection with only 5 eligible, without the BRZ. I selected the Veloster Forza edition, which I own, which worked, but then when I get to the grid, there a tons of cars from the preview, including the Ferrari. Big bug.

Edit: it seems the first Open Class, Class C, event was intended to be for vintage cars, but only the Lambo Miura is available. It’s really odd racing against those vintage cars in a Veloster.

Edit 2: I bought a Dino, and drove it until I was able to upgrade to C class, and then it appeared in the Open Class C event.

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