ONR RoadRunner - Test Subjects needed for new Tyre Pressure Formula

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Front: 205/30R20
Rear: 255/25R20
Vehicle weight (in pounds): 3366 lbs
Front Weight Distribution: 58%

Currently set at 29.0/29.0

Front Tyre Pressure: 29.9 psi
Rear Tyre Pressure: 26.1 psi

Don’t know what you did to that car but WTF! Only 2.4 inches of the tyre side-wall!!


RR - I tested 20 laps at the Indy Oval and mid-way through I checked telemetry and the front tires were at 34.6 and rear at 30.2 psi. For my original settings at 29/29 they would end up at 33.5 f/r. The temps were about even at 210 deg. In addition, I was following my own ghost and could not keep up. Though I am not that consistent of a driver I was off by over 3 tenths of a second on my PB (from 1:03.193 to 1:03.567). That’s the update. Let me know about the BRZ and I will check that as well. Thanks!

Max rim size for car. Stock wheel on front and upgraded width on rear.

2013 Subaru BRZ
Front: 215/45R17
Rear: 215/45R17
Vehicle weight (in pounds): 2859 lbs
Front Weight Distribution: 55%

Currently set at 29.0/29.0

Front Tyre Pressure: 31.7
Rear Tyre Pressure: 27.7


Front Tyre Pressure: 33.1 psi
Rear Tyre Pressure: 33.1 psi

Sorry for the wrong info,

OK, 22 laps and results are…(for BRZ)

Warm temps at 38.3 even F/R

Lap time at Oval: 1:04.390…my PB with this car was at #56 LB (1:03.426), so, off by about 1sec. [My Eclipse took the BRZ’s spot on LB with #35.] Hope this helps your process. Good luck!

** TS was off by about 1-2mph


It must be the way your driving! Me and my mate have been using it and have found it to be as fast or faster and feel better.
Hm… I duno what your doing but I know that tyre pressures don’t make up 1 second but Oh well… works for me and my mate.

Very good point! As you probably know, I am relatively new to this (first game unit and Forza 5 game ever!) so I am still learning how to drive these little creatures on my screen. You are certainly a much better driver with tons of experience. Thus, can you try one of my tunes? If so, both the Eclipse and BRZ are posted with my GT or names as “PRKid Indy Oval” and “BRZ” or “Eclipse”. Then maybe we can have you retest with modified psi’s. Thoughts? Thanks!

I can post both (or all 4 tunes) for you to try out.

p.s. My driver inconsistency can easily accommodate several seconds (if not more)!

Got it, np RR! Testing as I type…oops, I can get a ticket for texting while driving, lol!

Any psi numbers for the BRZ?

It’s fine, like I said in the OP, for some it will be faster and for some it wont.