Only the first 2 Weekly Forzathon challenges work, other 2 do nothing.

Since day 1, in the pre-order only time only the first 2 challenges have worked for the weekly Forzathon challenges.

As an example, Getting a wrecking ball skill in an off road vehicle this week. I got the barn find Range Rover and drove it. Earned the 1st challenge of owning and driving an off road vehicle, but the 3rd challenge is a wrecking ball challenge, almost as easy to get as just driving a vehicle. Done it 2 times and nothing. Same with 4th challenge of banking a total 7 million points. Still shows 0/7,000,000 even after banking the wrecking ball skill chains.

This was the same with the NSX challenges. Challenge 1 and 2 were fine, and 3 and 4 basically didn’t exist.

Thinking back to the hot hatch challenges. Only 1 and 2 worked then as well. the 3rd challenge, if I remember right was something like, win a street race, it was easy enough but didn’t work.

Playing on Windows 10, game fully updated on the store when I launched it earlier.
-Ultimate Edition
-FX 8350 Stock Clock
-8GB Ram Stock Clock
-G1 Gaming GTX 1060 6GB Stock Gaming OC

have you completed the 2nd challenge , 3 and 4 wont work until #2 is done

They do work if you do them in order as per last week as well
Ive completed them both…no issues

They all work. I am currently at 1,573,090/7,000,000 on the last of the 4 segments. I’ve been using the 1972 Land Rover Series III Forza Edition. I had won it off a wheelspin over a week ago

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From my experience they will complete in order the first one is just owning and driving an off-road class vehicle the second one you have to win 3 off-road races wrecking ball one wont completed until you have done that and then the 7 million skill score wont be counted until you have done the wrecking ball one.