Only 200 tunes can be saved when the game has 500 Cars

Yeah, to have limited tunes sucks, maybe is hard to save the data for Turn 10 or something

Any one from T10 want to chime in?

I mean, in all fairness, they probably didn’t think anyone would play it long enough to accrue 200 tunes.


Yeah with Car PG and all at the time, that’s probably right.

The SHUB topic is at 200+ votes, so that’s a positive.

They’re aware of the problem thanks to @PlazmoidFreq .

Now we just need to keep this topic alive, and be very patient.

This better be fixed!!!

Testing now.

Nope, Still the same.

Nooooooooo! :sob::sob::sob: (Altho thank for testing)

Why are they not fixing this?

I can put up with all the other problems, but for me, this is STILL the main one!

Go vote

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